Quote of the day…

We HAVE to believe in ourselves in order for us to achieve our DREAMS. There’s no way around it, even when the rain is relentless we have to keep pushing. At our lowest or darkest moment we have to stand tall. -ACG

Suggestion: This is a GREAT blog to read, not only is he an awesome dresser he is also inspiring: http://acollectedgentleman.tumblr.com/


Bill Cunningham

I love Bill Cunningham, he brings a smile to my face. You have to respect a man who has dedicated the majority of his life documenting ‘real’ fashion through the lens of his nikon camera while strolling around on his classic Schwinn in the heart of Manhattan. He has totally inspired me to start photographing the street fashion here in Sacramento while I bike around. I have a classic Schwinn too with a basket, but it’s blue. I mean close enough right?! I feel like I’d be channeling what I like to call ‘my inner Bill Cunningham.’ After riding around Midtown Sacramento for the last two years I’ve seen a lot. I feel that you see the world differently while biking, you are more aware of your surroundings and for me especially the different styles of fashion. Some of the most fashionable and interesting people I’ve encountered are homeless people. For example, I saw this lady the other day with the most beautiful black sheer scarf with gold thread embroidered through. She used it as a head dress to tuck in her dread locks – it was beautiful. As she walked by a man with a very dapper suit passed, the juxtaposition of the two would have made for an amazing photo. So, this will be a new endeavor for me and I look forward to what may blossom from it. Oh, and if you were wondering, I do bike every where  in a dress and heels… I always say, ‘just because I have to bike, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my fashion!’ – You have to stay true to yourself :)

Suggestion: If you haven’t seen Bill Cunningham New York, I HIGHLY recommend it. http://www.zeitgeistfilms.com/billcunninghamnewyork/ImageImage

4 ways to wear leopard print. I’m a little obsessed with it right now – Grrrrrrrrr

I think leopard is a great print to have a little fun with and can be worn in so many different ways. It can be worn casually as a head dress, (kinda sexy) worn as an evening attire, (super elegant) worn to the office then later out for dinner, (Gotta love a DVF wrap dress!) or just worn casually as a top with some leather leggings…that’s what’s up! It’s a great print, have fun, and be creative with it!


From top to bottom:

Silk head dress is a hand me down from my momma

Evening dress is Calvin Klein from Freestyle Clothing thrift store, ($18) and the shoes are Franco Sarto from Goodwill ($5) http://www.freestyleclothing.com

DVF wrap dress is from Freestyle Clothing thrift store, ($18) and the gold heals are Michael Kors also from Freestyle Clothing. ($18 and his nicer line made in Italy)

Lastly, the leopard top is a hand me down from a co-worker and the leather leggings are from Thriftown (ready for this? $1.33 and made in Paris – crazy!)

Tip: Go onto Thrifttown’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ it. This way you’ll be in the know of when they are having their sales. I got the black leather leggings when they were having their 30% off sale from 6pm – 9 pm.  Also, everyday a specific tag color is 50 % off. There’s always something going on there!

Goodwill’s Labor Day 1/2 off sale

Goodwill Goodies from the Labor Day 1/2 off sale. The local Goodwill here in Midtown Sacramento is pricey because it’s a Goodwill Boutique. That means the best of the best is there. The budget minded shopper I am waits for holidays to splurge there. I have a method to the mayhem that occurs when the doors open at 8 am: I scout out the place the night before to see what they have, get there early before the doors open ensuring I’m one of the first in, and lastly I wear something that’s easy to get in and out of because there is lots of trying on to do! Oh, one more tip – bring cash. That line goes waaay faster. Happy thrifting and remember to check out your local Goodwill for the next holiday that comes up. Half off is awesome, can’t beat it.

Prices and brands starting from the top left corner: Metallic Zara Collection dress, ($5) Glass bead necklace, ($8) gold vintage necklace, ($5) pink Banana Republic wrap dress, ($5) brown and white Talbot’s dress and INC cream jacket, ($5 and $5) Ann Taylor Loft black little cap sleeve jacket and red New York & Co dress, ($5 and $5) black and white Forever21 tunic, ($4) and lastly Derek Lam silk dress ($20) and Ninewest tan pumps, ($12.50)

Tip: If you live in Sacramento or the surrounding area go to this site and register to be on Goodwill’s mailing list to get all the up to dates on sales and promotions!  http://www.goodwillsacto.org/events/


I adore a vintage hat…

If I could ever imagine myself in a different era it would most definitely be the late 40’s early 50’s. Simply for the pure elegance and sophistication that the women of that time represented. My two favorite fashion inspired icons, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are from that time. Both, to me, are the epitome of class and beauty.


What I’m wearing, where I got them and the prices:

Light blue 50’s hat is a Veeda Louisa from the Sacramento Antique Fair ($8) The cream 40’s suit was also from the Sacramento Antique Fair. It’s I.Magnin, silk, in perfect condition and though it cost me $40 it was well worth the investment. http://www.sacantiquefaire.com/

The black hat is a Genevieve Original from French Cuff Consignment ($24) – http://www.frenchcuffbtq.com/

The navy blue hat is a Jennifer Moore from the SPCA thrift store ($8) – this hat is not vintage, but vintage inspired. I still love it.

Tip: Bring cash to the Antique Fair. It costs $3 to get in and even though some vendors have credit card machines, it’s a lot easier to have cash. Also, since this is an Antique Fair full of vendors don’t be afraid to bargain a little! I’ve never once paid the full asking price for anything.

Why I love dresses…

A question I was recently asked by a acollectedgentleman on Tumblr (http://acollectedgentleman.tumblr.com/): What inspires your love for dresses?

My response: I have been obsessed with dresses since I was a little girl and I have my amazing talented seamstress of a mother to thank for that. She not only instilled a passion for the craftsmanship of the dress, but also showed me from a young age that you can look amazing on a budget. Hence, her making the majority of my dresses and showing me later on how to scout out amazing finds at local thrift stores.

I love dresses for the way they make me feel when I put them on. The way they can transform me from ordinary to extraordinary. How I could be having the worst of days, but when I go out to a local thrift store and find an amazing dress my day is instantly better.

Dresses to me have so many different personalities, evoke so many different kinds of emotions. When I wake up every morning I say to myself ‘who am I today?’ I go to my closet and let my dresses speak to me. I know that sounds silly, but that’s just the kind of intimate relationship I have with my dresses. They never let me down the way that people can sometimes and always have the uncanny ability of evoking a sense of grace, confidence and creativity that I find in very few other places in life.

In a nutshell, that’s what inspires my love for dresses…