I adore a vintage hat…

If I could ever imagine myself in a different era it would most definitely be the late 40’s early 50’s. Simply for the pure elegance and sophistication that the women of that time represented. My two favorite fashion inspired icons, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are from that time. Both, to me, are the epitome of class and beauty.


What I’m wearing, where I got them and the prices:

Light blue 50’s hat is a Veeda Louisa from the Sacramento Antique Fair ($8) The cream 40’s suit was also from the Sacramento Antique Fair. It’s I.Magnin, silk, in perfect condition and though it cost me $40 it was well worth the investment. http://www.sacantiquefaire.com/

The black hat is a Genevieve Original from French Cuff Consignment ($24) – http://www.frenchcuffbtq.com/

The navy blue hat is a Jennifer Moore from the SPCA thrift store ($8) – this hat is not vintage, but vintage inspired. I still love it.

Tip: Bring cash to the Antique Fair. It costs $3 to get in and even though some vendors have credit card machines, it’s a lot easier to have cash. Also, since this is an Antique Fair full of vendors don’t be afraid to bargain a little! I’ve never once paid the full asking price for anything.


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