Why I love dresses…

A question I was recently asked by a acollectedgentleman on Tumblr (http://acollectedgentleman.tumblr.com/): What inspires your love for dresses?

My response: I have been obsessed with dresses since I was a little girl and I have my amazing talented seamstress of a mother to thank for that. She not only instilled a passion for the craftsmanship of the dress, but also showed me from a young age that you can look amazing on a budget. Hence, her making the majority of my dresses and showing me later on how to scout out amazing finds at local thrift stores.

I love dresses for the way they make me feel when I put them on. The way they can transform me from ordinary to extraordinary. How I could be having the worst of days, but when I go out to a local thrift store and find an amazing dress my day is instantly better.

Dresses to me have so many different personalities, evoke so many different kinds of emotions. When I wake up every morning I say to myself ‘who am I today?’ I go to my closet and let my dresses speak to me. I know that sounds silly, but that’s just the kind of intimate relationship I have with my dresses. They never let me down the way that people can sometimes and always have the uncanny ability of evoking a sense of grace, confidence and creativity that I find in very few other places in life.

In a nutshell, that’s what inspires my love for dresses…



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