Bill Cunningham

I love Bill Cunningham, he brings a smile to my face. You have to respect a man who has dedicated the majority of his life documenting ‘real’ fashion through the lens of his nikon camera while strolling around on his classic Schwinn in the heart of Manhattan. He has totally inspired me to start photographing the street fashion here in Sacramento while I bike around. I have a classic Schwinn too with a basket, but it’s blue. I mean close enough right?! I feel like I’d be channeling what I like to call ‘my inner Bill Cunningham.’ After riding around Midtown Sacramento for the last two years I’ve seen a lot. I feel that you see the world differently while biking, you are more aware of your surroundings and for me especially the different styles of fashion. Some of the most fashionable and interesting people I’ve encountered are homeless people. For example, I saw this lady the other day with the most beautiful black sheer scarf with gold thread embroidered through. She used it as a head dress to tuck in her dread locks – it was beautiful. As she walked by a man with a very dapper suit passed, the juxtaposition of the two would have made for an amazing photo. So, this will be a new endeavor for me and I look forward to what may blossom from it. Oh, and if you were wondering, I do bike every where  in a dress and heels… I always say, ‘just because I have to bike, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my fashion!’ – You have to stay true to yourself :)

Suggestion: If you haven’t seen Bill Cunningham New York, I HIGHLY recommend it.


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