When you’re feeling blue…wear blue!

Do you ever feel like there’s a cloud over your head, like you’re dragging 50 pound weights behind you? (Or in my case 50 pound bags under my eyes) Well, poor little ol’ Phoebe had the classic case of the blues recently. I finally slapped my pity party in the face last Thursday – thank goodness. Like the true fashionista I am, I treated my blues with a little bit of thrifting therapy. My thrifting therapy led me to a beautiful royal blue silk J.Crew dress. I thought how perfect, a blue dress for my blue state of mind. The dress was originally $28, but half off for some reason – I wasn’t questioning it! (Freestyle Clothing thrift store) The dress still had the J.Crew tags on and had never been worn. It was divine intervention I swear…

So my blues and newly acquired J.Crew dress got me to thinking about the color blue, especially royal/cobalt blue. I feel it’s the ‘it’ color right now and isn’t leaving us anytime soon. I decided to go through my wardrobe to see what else I had in the color and found a couple other really great options:

What I’m wearing, where I got it, and how much:

From left to right: J.Crew dress from Freestyle Clothing, ($14) Vintage I.Magnin dress from Freestyle Clothing, ($18) and Guess dress also from Freestyle Clothing. ($18)

Suggestion: If you haven’t been to Freestyle Clothing GOOOOoooooooooo!!! Really, they have the best stuff for the best prices. http://www.freestyleclothing.com


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