Leather and suede, yes please!

With the cooler weather approaching (not today though – 100 degrees, wassup with that?!) I recently went to my closet and re-fell in love with some of my pieces I hadn’t seen in a while, e.i. my jackets. I keep things that are opposite season in a side closet of mine so I can concentrate on the current season only. (probably an indication that I have too much stuff? nah, you can never have too many clothes right?)

Speaking of jackets, I recently went out for a girlfriends B-Day and to a jumble sale at Verge Center for the Arts and couldn’t decide what to wear. I knew I wanted to wear my new crop top from Heart Boutique, but couldn’t decide on the black skirt or the green suede one. I then remembered that I had this amazing black leather jacket that I had purchased (with the tags still on!) at our local Freestyle Clothing thrift store last year. I kid you not, it was $18 bucks and was originally $650 marked down to $350 at Loehmann’s. Since the event we went to was a little more ‘fun’ I opted to wear the green suede skirt. Black leather jacket, cute lacy crop top, and a high waisted suede skirt = cute (ok, maybe even a little sexy) Fall outfit!


What I’m wearing, where I got it, and the prices:

Black leather jacket: Ya Ya, $18 at Freestyle Clothing

Black lace top: Coveted Clothing from Heart Boutique (shopheartboutique.com)  ($24)

Black silk pleated skirt: Christian Dior from Freestyle Clothing ($18)

Necklace was free at a clothing swap

Green suede skirt: Also free from a clothing swap I went to!

Tip: Keep your leather and suede items in a garment bag. Leather and suede can get dried out and need to be protected. Also, if you notice your leather (not suede) items starting to get dry use a little bit of leather moisturizer. I use Meltonian, which after much research I think works best. It doesn’t have silicons in it. Just a simple and wonderful leather cleaner. Here’s a link to the product: http://www.cedarshoetree.com/meltonian-leather-lotion-p-33.html


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