Columbus Day = 1/2 off day at Goodwill!!!


As you all may know I am not buying anything new this month, which excludes me from tomorrow’s 1/2 off sale at Goodwill. I know, super sad. BUT, I am really excited for everyone else to go check it out and hopefully find some amazing stuff!

Tips: Alright, I have a laundry lists of tips for everyone here. Ready? 1.) Get there early – I mean, they open at 8 am and no joke there are people waiting at the door to go in at that time. I’d suggest if you want to get the best stuff to get there at 7:45 am to secure a spot in line. 2.) Grab a basket to put all your things in because it is mayhem in there and you want to grab and go quickly 3.) Wear something that’s easy to get in and out of because you’ll want to try a lot on 4.) Bring cash, that line will go the fastest. I once had to stay in line for an hour because I only had my ATM card. 5.) Oh, and one more thought – start in an area that interests you the most. So for me I start with the dresses – surprise surprise


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