Day 8 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 8:

Alright, I’m OBSESSED with this dress and even more obsessed with the fact that I had vintage shoes that matched! So I’m obviously still in love with the color royal/cobalt blue and apparently have been since last year. (went through my closet and found 2 pairs of shoes in the color and another dress that I had forgotten about) But, it’s not necessarily the color of the dress that gets me all riled up – it’s the print! It’s like a walking piece of art work to me and I just love how the black and blue shoes compliment it so well. As you can tell by all the pics, I really really loved my thrifted outfit today. I classed it up a little with a simple french twist.

The print of the dress reminds me of something from the 20’s – so my outfit is a combination of Mad Men (hair) meets 20’s (dress) meets 80’s. (with the shoes) Why not have a little fun sometimes with your look right?

BCBG dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $14 (but it was free because I had trade with them)

Vintage leather and suede shoes made in Spain, Crossroads Trading Company thrift store, $7

Tip: So something really great about both Freestyle and Crossroads is that you can go there and sell your old stuff and get either 35 % cash or 50 % trade. I always opt for the trade. I sold $41 bucks worth of stuff recently and was able to get my cool dress for free!


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