Day 9 – October 2012: Buy Nothing New Month

Recycling my wardrobe – Day 9:

The outfit Carrie is wearing (2nd photo down) was set in Paris from Season 6 Sex and City and still remains one of my favorites. Maybe it’s the different combinations of black and white stripes, the flower, her hair, or the setting. Paris brings back very nostalgic memories from my trip there 7 years ago. My time in Paris is one I’ll cherish forever and I’ll forever be connected to it. It’s no doubt, to me,  a magical place. Besides the romantic qualities of the city, it is also a wonderful place to people watch and spot the best fashion in the world. Oh how nice it would be to stroll down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées again…

Today’s outfit was inspired by Carrie and my trip…

Ann Taylor blouse, Goodwill, $5

Flower broach, Sacramento Antique Fair, .50 cents

Skirt, (no label, I think someone made it) Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $15

Tights, Forever21, $5

Joan & David heels, Nordstrom Rack, $50 (expensive I know, but the most comfortable heels I own and worth the money. They were originally $120 at Nordstrom, so $50 at Nordstrom Rack wasn’t too shabby)

Suggestion: If you’re ever feeling uninspired in your wardrobe, watch an episode of Sex and the City. I swear, I find inspiration every time. Even after all these years being off the air the clothing still shines.


4 thoughts on “Day 9 – October 2012: Buy Nothing New Month

    • Thank you Ms. Katie! I’m a big fan of black and white come Fall/Winter time too. Girl, you look great in black and white – it’s very you :)

  1. Love it! You’re doing an amazing job with “no new purchases” month, but this doesn’t really surprise me since you have a fab wardrobe and personal style. :)

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