Day 10 – October 2012: Buy Nothing New Month

Recycling my wardrobe – Day 10:

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step – maybe it was that nice 3 mile run I went on or maybe it’s because life is pretty darn good right now. Any how, my chipper attitude this morning warranted a chipper outfit. Hence, the bold colors and print in this Calvin Klein dress. I also knew that this was probably going to be the last possible week to wear this dress before Fall officially took nest. I had only worn this dress once this summer. On a date I had been on a couple months ago I somehow managed to splatter hot sauce all over it – hmmm, wonder why it didn’t work out with the guy? (the splatter of sauce gave Abstract Expressionism a whole new meaning) I swear I have good table manners, but when it comes to hot sauce/salsa I’m doomed. Well, I finally got around to getting the stains out last week and was happy that the dress was able to make one more appearance before the weather turns cold.

Calvin Klein dress, Goodwill, $13

Enzo Angiolini heels, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $15

Tip: I have learned through my many salsa spillages that the best product to get my stains out is Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush. It has a built in brush allowing you to gently work the gel into the stain. I let it set in for a few days (sometimes a couple weeks; don’t worry, it’s ok to do that)  then wash and Ta Da! My stains are gone. Check it out:


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