Sacramento Antique Fair is tomorrow! (10/14/2012) If you get a chance, go!


The Sacramento Antique Fair has undoubtedly become one of my favorite things to do in Sacramento. The 2nd Sunday of the month has become something I eagerly await and count down the days for. There’s a little bit of everything there and everyone is sure to be pleased. I, of course, go for the vintage clothing and accessories. Make sure to get there early to ensure that you get the best stuff – they start at 6:30 am and I usually try and get there somewhere around 8:30 – 9 am. It’s Sunday, a girls gotta sleep a little!

What I’m wearing from top to bottom:

Vintage fur stole, $27 (they wanted $45, but I some how bargained my way down to $27

Salmon colored pleated skirt from the 50’s, $10

Black fur collar, $5

I.Magnin suit jacket and matching skirt from the late 40’s, $40 & vintage light blue hat from the 50’s, $8

Broaches from left to right: .50 cents, $5, $10 & $5 (I got the black flower broach on the table that’s in the 5th picture down. I had to dig, but it was worth it!)

So please, if you get a chance to make it out there tomorrow go go go! It’s great fun and hidden treasures are waiting to be found…I’m still sticking to my ‘Buy Nothing New Month’ and wont be purchasing anything. I will try and make it out just to window shop. $3 gets you in the door and it’s located on 21st in between X & Y street. Below you will find the FB link and website link for more information. Happy Antiquing!

Tips: Bring cash and BARGAIN! I can’t emphasize that enough. I’ve never paid asking price for anything there and bargaining is so much!


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