Day 12 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 12:

There are days when I want to dress the part of the 50’s house wife, the classic beauty, a 60’s Mod girl and there are other days when I simply want to be ‘normal’ and poke a little fun at myself. If I could wear my ball gowns everyday and get away with it I probably would, at least 80% of the time that is. The other 20% makes up for a more casual side of Phoebe. I love my skinny jeans and spandex too…don’t worry, the spandex are cute yoga pants. They got style too! And hey, they make your butt look good – just say’n. So for today, Sunday, I will forever designate it as a mandatory casual day. A day to relax, feel comfortable, and simply enjoy the little things in life like a nice dinner, movie and caramel gelato – MMMmmmmm

Banana Republic hat, Banana Republic outlet, $15

Cashmere scarf, a hand me down

Express black and white shirt, Express, $19.99

Express skinny jeans, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $10

Black Italian leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $18


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