Day 13 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month

Recycling my wardrobe – Day 13:

Since I’ve mandated Sunday’s as casual days for me, I figured that I’d start my Monday in a more elegant fashion. Like I said before, I love getting dolled up about 80% of the time and it only feels natural for me to wear a dress! This Ralph Lauren dress was the perfect piece for my elegant Monday. It’s comfortable, has a great print, professional length, and I absolutely adore the ruching (gathering) around the waist area. Ruching around the waist area to me is sexy and hey, if I wanted to eat that extra cookie or two (sometimes 3) the dress is very forgiving! It’s a win win situation.

Ralph Lauren dress, hand me down from a really nice co-worker!

Vintage pearl necklace, Verge Jumble fundraiser sale, $1

Ninewest pumps, Goodwill, $10

Cute doggie, courtesy of my neighbor – little Dylan has become quite the doggie model!

Tip: Next time you’re looking for a new dress try one with a little ruching, trust me you wont be disappointed! Also, if you were wondering how I got so much volume on the top of my head – well I have a secret hair product weapon. It’s Bumble and Bumble’s texture cream. This stuff is Da Bomb and a little goes a long way. I squeeze about a nickel size into my palm and massage it into the crown of my head where I will want the volume. I then blow dry my hair, tease it, and wha-la! I have volume for days! It’s an amazing product. Below you will find the link to the product:


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