Day 17 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 17:

Casual Sunday is back and was spent enjoying the beautiful Fall day in Apple Hill with the love of my life – my mom. Apple Hill is wonderful for so many different reasons. For me, it’s the color of the leaves changing, the positive and happy demeanor of all the people, the apple picking, great photo opportunities, and most importantly – the food! I’m not gonna lie, I’m usually at a coffee shop working on my blog, but tonight I’m cuddled up in bed. I’m seriously in a major food coma! More like sugar coma. (sugar is my weakness) Mmmm kettle corn, apple fritters, and apple cider. It’s my belief that Sundays should be a day to enjoy the little things and indulge a bit – or in my case A LOT. For now, I will continue to savor my hot apple cider that I’m heating up on the stove and ignore my upset stomach :) Happy Sunday everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend. P.S. I love this thrifted outfit! I’ve had a couple of these pieces I have on for years. See, recycling the wardrobe never looked so good!

Hat, Crossroads Trading Company thrift store, $8

Scarf, my Momma got it for me as a gift years ago – I love her

Ann Taylor jean jacket, Goodwill, $5

Ann Taylor dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $12 – but free for me because I had store credit

Tights, Nordstrom rack, I stole them from my mom – shhh, don’t tell her

Italian leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $18 – also free because of store credit

Classic Dooney & Burke purse, Crossroads Trading Company thrift store, $12

Tip: I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m going to mention it again. If you have tons of clothes, shoes, accessories laying around the house that you’ll probably never wear again bag it up and take it down to your local Crossroads or Freestyle stores. I’m not even kidding, I feel like I get a lot of my items free because I take advantage of trade. Hence 2 of the pieces I’m wearing in this picture I got free. That’s a $30 dollar savings! So go ahead and get selling people, then shop a little with the trade that you make ;)


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