Clothing Swap tomorrow (10/25) at Orphan on 34th and C Street starting at 4:30 pm!!!!!!!!!!


I’m not even kidding – I had an out of body experience the last clothing swap I went to at Orphan some months back. It’s simple ladies and gentleman: 1.) You bring a $5 donation for a selected charity and 2.) you bring a bag of your old clothes and accessories. What you get in return is: 1.) ALL the swapped clothes you want (seriously, there’s no limit)  2.) appetizers and refreshments and 3.) possible raffle prizes! I mean come on!!! It raises money for a good cause and everyone leaves with a new wardrobe.

Look, we all have things in our closet we don’t want anymore. Why not attend a clothing swap where someone’s throw away is another person’s treasure? And all of this is free (besides the $5 dollar donation to a charity)

Here’s what I left with the last clothing swap I attended by the group that’s throwing it tomorrow:

Vintage dress, James Perse t-shirt, Nike running shorts, Gap ballet flats, necklace, green suede skirt, vintage pink leather jacket, Volcom sweat shirt, Gap long sleeve shirt, Old Navy long sleeve shirt, Forever21 dress, Joe Jeans, J.Crew shirt, Ann Taylor suit, Express blouse, cute sweat shirt with stars, BCBG slacks. I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, but I think you get the sense that there is a lot to be found and good stuff too!

This time I have 3 bags of clothes to give them . Out with the old and in with the new! I hope you will join me tomorrow starting at 4:30 pm on 34th and C Street at Orphan restaurant. I guarantee you wont be disappointed :)


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