Day 22 – October 2012: Buy Nothing New Month


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 22:

This is the dress that started it all – well, at least my love for DVF that is. About a year and a half ago I was shopping in my beloved Freestyle and found this beautiful specimen of a dress. I swear it was hanging there saying, ‘Phoebe, where have you been all my life?’ I had only at that point dreamt of owning my own Diane Von Furstenberg dress – but at $450 a pop there was no way! That was until I went to Freestyle and got a used one for $18! I seriously almost screamed when I found it, but I didn’t want to get 86’d from my favorite store for actin’ crazy :)

This dress is a quintessential DVF wrap dress. It’s silk jersey, has pockets, and the PRINT – can we talk about this print?! Seriously, this is why I really love DVF – she produces the most unique and beautiful prints. Since that day over a year ago I have made it my mission to go in search for used DVF’s. So far I have 7! And I haven’t paid more than $25 bucks for one. I mean, this is why I love thrifting and want all you to know that if I can find stuff as cool as this dress you can too…

Have any thrifting questions or ever wonder how I shop at thrift stores? PLEASE feel free to write me and I would be happy to teach you my ways :) Seriously, it brings a lot of joy to me when I am able to help others find their inner fashionista through thrifting.

DVF wrap, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $18


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