Day 24 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 24:

This was my outfit today – and yes, I do realize I am some outfits behind for the month of October. Hard getting photos sometimes! Expect a collage of the rest of my outfits for the month of October tomorrow :)

I’m a huge fan of Tory Burch as well (I have a classic preppy side to me) and stumbled upon this beauty at, you would never guess?…Freestyle! I swear I should start doing marketing for them lol. When I went to NYC this past May for my B-Day, I was all set on buying myself either a brand new DVF dress or something Tory Burch. Well, I went to both stores and just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money! This blouse is the perfect example of why I couldn’t – I can find it WAY cheaper at a thrift store. This beautiful silk blouse cost me a whopping $18 bucks. (actually, it was free because I had trade!) New, it could of easily gone for $300. That’s huge difference and this is why I just can’t justify buying new when I can get them in le thrift stores.

Today was a beautiful warm day in Sac and the yellow blouse with the tan suede skirt was the perfect out fit for me…

Tory Burch silk blouse, Freestyle Clothing, $18 (but free because I had trade)

Bebe suede skirt, Goodwill, $5 (originally $10, but I got it on 1/2 off day)

Steve Madden heels, Freestyle Clothing, $14


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