30 days 30 dresses: It was an iPhone photo kind of day – please forgive me :)

The weather today was dreadful and made for taking a proper photo with my good camera nearly impossible. I had to improvise with my iPhone and the picture quality is not quite up to par. I LOVED my day outfit today. I combined polka dots (shirt) with leopard print. (scarf) The idea came to me a couple days ago and I have to say I just adore it! The outfit was made even more fun with a vintage leather skirt and fish net stockings. Later I changed into a dress for a date. I wore one of my favorite dresses that I showcased recently on Good Day Sac. It’s my BCBG blue, black, and white print dress – very fun and sexy. I glammed it up with a fun necklace from Forever21. (and the 4 inch Ninewest shoes helped too!) My necklace has been a hit with everyone and it was under 10 bucks! Forever21 may not have the most stellar clothing, but they sure do have some great accessories! My fish net tights are from there as well. 









– Scarf from my mom

– Ralph Lauren polka dot blouse, Goodwill, $6.99

– Vintage leather skirt, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $14

– Tights are Forever21


– BCBG dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $16

– Forever21 necklace (recently purchased – they should still have it in the store)

Tip: Why not be a little creative and mix and match prints? I have to say that I even liked matching my polka dot shirt with my tan leopard scarf as well. Try it out! 



30 days, 30 dresses: Dark Emerald Green, perfect Fall/Winter color

I love jewel toned colors for Fall/Winter this year. Cobalt blue, garnet, amber, and dark emerald green have all been callin’ my name. When it comes to Spring and Summer I am bright colors all around, but in Fall and Winter I have a tendency to wear a lot of black, white, tan, brown and navy. Not to say that those are quote and quote ‘bad’ colors, but I could stand to brighten up my Fall/Winter wardrobe a bit! So I have made it a goal of mine to do just that. Thus far I have been sporting cobalt blue quite a bit and yesterday ventured over to a dark emerald green.

I actually got this dress last year and had sort of forgotten about it. I put the dress on, took a peak around my closet, and WhaLa! My awesome belt with matching green appeared. I just love it when I find new ways to wear old things.  The shoes go pretty darn well too, no?



Express dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $10

Belt, gift of a co-worker’s wife. People’s generosity touches my heart, I’m so appreciative.

Vintage shoes, SPCA thrift, $10

Suggestion: What Fall/Winter color are you? Take a look at these colors trending right now for Fall – gorgeous right? Play around with one of these colors, mix and match even. Ever thought about combining Eggplant purple with Primrose yellow? Might be some kind of beautiful…

30 days, 30 dresses: Casual Sunday and this past Friday’s Goodwill 1/2 off finds

Casual Sunday was in full swing this morning. I had to work because a new exhibit opened and they asked for assistance, what can I say? I love my job and would never say no. Well, it’s not my forte to ever go to work with a hat, but today was the day! Ok, I lie – I also wore a hat yesterday and the day before to the Arts & Crafts festival! I swear, before this past weekend I had never worn a hat to work. Something about working after Thanksgiving warrants a hat. (I was obviously too lazy to do my hair) So hat it was, with a cute top, and cashmere scarf.

Later in the day I decided to be a little less casual and put a dress on. I had a tea date and decided to wear my new Goodwill purchase from this past Friday’s 1/2 off sale. The Limited dress I wore was the perfect array of Fall colors wonderfully color blocked to perfection. I am a lover of bold colors, but in Fall/Winter some of my favorite colors are tans, creams, and blacks. I accessorized my dress with gold and black earrings, a gold and black necklace, chunky gold cocktail ring, and Ninewest booties.

As for my other Goodwill 1/2 off finds, I got 2 Nike running tops and an Ann Taylor shirt. Listen up ladies, my Nike tops cost me, are you ready for this? A whopping $3 dollars each! I love Nike running tops, but I’m sure as heck not going to spend $50 + on a top! I’ve done that once, will never again. I kid you not, I now have 4 Nike running tops all purchased at 2nd hand shops for under $5 bucks. Amazing right?!

ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage


Limited dress, Goodwill, $7.50

Earrings, Forever21, $3.99

Necklace, my Momma

Gold ring, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $5

Ninewest booties, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $15

Nike running tops, Goodwill, $3 each

Ann Taylor top, Goodwill, $3.50

30 days, 30 dresses: Thankful for my mom and the beautiful dresses she creates!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! When I think of the person I’m most thankful for, it’s my mom. She is my rock, number one fan, therapist, best friend, inspiration, and best critic! I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her. I remember as a little girl, my mom always encouraging my creative side; be it drawing, painting, photography and now my love for fashion. It’s no surprise that I developed a love affair for all things clothing, I mean, I grew up with the best seamstress in the world! She taught me from an early age about fabrics, construction, colors, and how to mix and match pieces – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is an artist.

Just look at these dresses she has made over the years! The green silk velvet one she made 12 years ago for a Holiday party, the light blue silk shantung dress she made for my Senior Prom and the silk black velvet she made something like 10 years ago. I feel very lucky to have inherited these beauties.



Tip: For older clothing make sure to take good care of them. I do this by keeping my pieces in a garment bag to protect the fabric. I know I want my pieces to last and a garment bag will help block out the sun, humidity, bugs, etc.

30 days, 30 dresses: It was a 2 outfit kind of day

When I found out I was getting a ride this morning, first thing I thought was ‘sweet, I can wear my new vintage leather skirt!!!’ As you know I’m a biker, and a very creative biker I might add. I’m especially creative when it comes to biking to work in a dress, skirt, and heels on – there’s a method to it! (I’ll blog about that soon) But, this particular leather skirt is literally skin tight and has no slit – so uhhhh, yeah, me biking in this would have been a little problematic. And if you’re wondering how I can get away with wearing a red leather skirt to work – well, I work at a Museum! :) Lots of creative expression there.

To continue with my dress challenge for the month, I did a second outfit for the evening. I changed into a lovely vintage mint green dress and modernized it with my leather jacket, boots, and some fun green eye shadow.

ImageImageImageMy favorite old co-worker Erin came to visit! I love her :)




1st outfit:

Vintage cashmere sweater, free from yet another wonderful co-worker at the Museum!

Vintage leather skirt, Deseret Industries thrift store, $12

Vintage red necklace from my momma, she got it in the 70’s

Ninewest heels, Goodwill, $25

2nd outfit:

Yaya leather jacket, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $18

Vintage dress, free at a clothing swap

Vintage necklace, Sacramento Antique Faire, .50 cents

Ninewest leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $28

30 Days, 30 Dresses: Have I mentioned I love Diane Von Furstenberg? ;)

Well, it’s no secret that I adore Ms. Furstenberg and her little wrap dresses she so cleverly made popular in the 1970’s. What’s not to love about her wraps? They hug the body perfectly, grow with you if you shrink or gain a few pounds, have sex appeal and yet are conservative enough for work, and the prints – can we talk about the prints?! Yes, by design the dresses are rather simple, but the prints really do make the dress. Just look at the dress I have on here, how can you not smile and be happy wearing a dress bursting with butterflies? 

I’ve paired my DVF with a Forever21 necklace, chunky gold cocktail ring, and beautiful Ninewest leather boots. (all thrifted, but the necklace) ImageImageImageImage



DVF wrap dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $18

Necklace, Forever21, $7.99

Gold chunky ring, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $5

Ninewest black leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $28 ( I think they had seriously been worn once! Perfect condition)

Tip: Have fun with your wrap dresses by accessorizing. You’d be amazed what a simple cocktail ring will do to an outfit! Also, make sure to check out the jewelry at your local thrift stores – lots of good vintage pieces.

It’s my favorite kind of Sale! – Goodwill is 1/2 off the day after Thanksgiving


I love Goodwill and especially love Goodwill Boutique’s, which feature the best of the best that is donated. Being that I don’t have a car and bike everywhere, I typically find myself frequenting the Goodwill Boutique on  L street in between 16th and 17th because I live in Midtown. (yep, I bike around with my fancy dresses and heels on) This Goodwill Boutique is VERY organized and even the shoes are color coordinated and organized by size. One of the biggest complaints that I get from people who are leery and hesitant of thrifting is that thrift stores are overwhelming and un organized. This is not the case at the Goodwill Boutique on L street. It’s honestly one of my favorite go-to thrift stores, but I tend to only go on 1/2 off days because the boutique’s are more expensive than regular Goodwill’s. If I can wait for a better deal, you best believe I will!

So this Friday if you aren’t too full from turkey, head on down to your local Goodwill and check out the 1/2 off sales starting at 8 am. Being the veteran that I am to these types of sales, I have a few suggestions:

1.) If you can scout out the store the night before, do so. This way when you arrive in the morning you’ll know their merchandize and can strategize better.

2.) If you want the best stuff, show up early! I mean get there at like 7:30-7:45 am. There will be a line and I have no doubt it  will be busy this Friday.

3.) Have a mental list in your head of what you really want. Like, are you there for shoes? dresses? coats? If you have something you really want, start in that section. For example, I naturally gravitate towards the dresses and start there. (this will prevent you from getting too overwhelmed)

4.) Make sure to grab a basket as you walk in. You will be grabbing a lot of stuff fast and need somewhere to put all of it.

5.) Make sure to wear comfy clothes that are easy to get in and out of. You’ll want to try stuff on and just easier that way.

7.) Lastly, bring cash! They take ATM too, but the cash line will go a 100 times faster.

* 1/2 off days are a great way to find amazing pieces for a fraction of the price. I always leave with some amazing finds. Hmmmm, what will I find this Friday?

“Today was the greatest, greatest day I’ve ever known…” – Good Day Sacramento appearance

Today was surreal for me and I was on complete cloud 9 all morning. I was on a TV set with 6 beautiful girls that I styled from head to toe in my thrifted finds. The idea was mine, the looks were mine – WOW. Alright, I’m about to get a little mushy on you guys. If you had said to me two years ago, “Phoebe, you’re going to be on Good Day Sacramento because you were recognized for something you love,” I would’ve never believed you… because I didn’t believe in myself. I was at a very low point in my life, where I honestly felt I had no value. From that point on, I somehow managed to build myself back up one day at a time. I remember waking up one day thinking to myself that I was so much better than what I was, that I did have value, and that I wanted a better life for myself. I finally saw the light and I have been chasing it ever since.

What has really inspired me the most and brought back my confidence over the last two years is my fashion. I had always loved it, but forgot about it during my dark time. My love for clothing came back to me when I started volunteering at my now work, which is a local Museum. Being surrounded by art sparked this desire to want to be fashionable and get creative with my wardrobe once again. I started to go back to thrift stores and one article of clothing at a time I built an incredible wardrobe. Was it divine intervention, or was it the human will to want to be the best we possibly can? Slowly but surely, I have ‘found’ myself again through my thrifted fashions – they truly brought me back to life. I honestly felt in my element this morning and felt that I was living the dream. Hey the light is bright and I see a beautiful future for myself. I keep one foot in front of the other now and truly believe in myself and know that I have a talent for styling, thrifting, and showing people how to feel good about them selves through clothing. Clothing is art too! We are all blank canvases just waiting to be painted some kind of beautiful…

Thank you to Good Day Sac for having me on, thank you to everyone who has supported me through this beautiful journey, and thank you to my beautiful models this morning! You guys made little ol’ Pheebs proud.

If you want to check out the link to today’s show it’s:   http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/7973870-wallace-on-the-walkway/





A little catchin’ up to do…


It has been a BUSY and rainy week, so pictures of my dresses were obsolete – my apologies. But, today after my Good Day Sac appearance I had some time to breath, drink some coffee, and finally play catch up on some of my missing outfits! Here are 3 of my looks (30 Days, 30 Dresses) from this past week from top to bottom:

1.) Liz Claiborne dress, Thriftown, $15 (pricey for Thriftown, but was new and the fabric is hand dyed)
Ann Taylor blouse, Goodwill, $5
Vintage Art Deco hair clip worn as a tie, Sacramento Antique Fair, $5
Tights, Forever21, $4.99
2.) Calvin Klein dress, hand me down from a very kind co-worker
Vintage Oleg Casseni blouse, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $15 (The collar is my favorite part, and there are black buttons going down the entire back too. Beautiful silk vintage piece)
Joan & David heels, Nordstrom Rack, $50
3.) BCBG sweater dress, SPCA, $13
Bebe ankle boots, Goodwill, $10
Tip: Now that cold weather has fully taken flight, don’t be afraid to wear blouses or sweaters under your summer dresses like I did in the top 2 pics. You’d be surprised by all the different combinations you’ll come up with! Why not be a little creative and wear a vintage hair clip as a tie like I did!

I have great news: I’ll be on TV tomorrow!

I have some really great news to report: I’ll be on Good Day Sacramento at 8 am tomorrow!!! They contacted me about a month ago saying that someone had forwarded my blog to them and that they wanted me on the show. Well, tomorrow is the big day! They want me to do a fashion show with my clothes showing a range of Holiday attire. Basically, they want me to show the great people of Sacramento that you don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on a Holiday dress when you can spend $15 – 25. (Seriously, I have dresses that I know were between $300-$500 that I got for under $25, insane right?!)

So I have 6 models and everything they’ll have on from head to toe will be $50 and under. I’m sooooo excited that I get to showcase my clothes on TV and even more excited to show people that you really can look good for the Holidays on a budget :) Thrifty Phoebe to the rescue – here to teach and inspire…

Wish me luck!

Here’s Good Day Sacramento’s link to watch it live tomorrow: