Wrapping up Buy Nothing New month for October and introducing 30 days, 30 dresses!

Overall, Buy Nothing New Month was a great success. I took away quite a bit from the challenge, but a few things that stood out were 1.) a new respect for my old wardrobe 2.) a new sense of creativity on how to reuse, rethink, and recycle (I got rid of stuff) some of my old pieces and 3.) a lot more money in my bank account! Seriously, I saved about $150 because I didn’t spend money on anything frivolous. 

I tried my best to get 31 days of photos and realized that I fell short – it wasn’t because I didn’t have the outfits, but because I didn’t have anyone to take the pic for me! So maybe with the money I saved in October I’ll treat myself to a nice tri-pod to go with my nice camera :) 

So for the month of November I wanted to get down to my roots. What may this be? Well, my friends, it’s dresses! Everyone who knows me, knows that I am OBSESSED with dresses – I mean, I titled my blog The Dress Fiend after all.

I feel the most beautiful, comfortable, and confident when wearing a dress. So I thought, why not show the world for 30 days what kind of lovelies I have hanging in my closet ;) To date, I own about 80 dresses – crazy, I know! So from that 80 I will try and show case some of my favorite ones. Keep in mind, too, that about 90 % of them have been purchased at thrift stores and I’ve rarely paid more than $25 for a piece. 

So here’s to the month of November and 30 blissful days of dresses! 


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