30 Days, 30 Dresses: Day 8 – Dark day calls for a bright dress…

It was gloomy and rainy today and I did not like it at all! Hmmmffff!!! (that’s me throwing a fit) Something about rain and cold weather makes me feel depressed, when really I have NOTHING to be depressed about. Maybe it’s just because  I hate being cold or possibly because I need to get a fender for my bike so I don’t continue getting the classic dirt stripe up the back of me – Seriosulsy, you think I would have learned from my last two winters biking everywhere. What can I say? I’m a Taurus and really stubborn.

So with the dark and gloomy day I opted for a more bright and cheery ensemble. Not very practical, but sometimes I just don’t care and do what makes me happy. This dress is one of my favorites and was purchased at a local vintage store called YSJ Vintage.

ImageImageImage My version of the Beatles’ Abbey Road – I’m a little silly.



Black Bebe trench coat, Goodwill, $15 (was $30! It’s the Goodwill Boutique and a bit pricier because they have the better stuff – I only go on their 1/2 off days)

Vintage dress, YSJ Vintage, $22

Suggestion: If you are into vintage, check out YSJ! I love their selection. Here’s their link: http://www.vintageysj.com/


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