30 days, 30 dresses: Day 12 – My momma sure can sew!

My mother never ceases to amaze me with her talent for sewing. I know for a fact if Project Runway would have been on in 60’s and 70’s my momma would have won! You know what, I bet if she went on now she’d win too – she’s that good. I know I need to buckle down and finally learn and next month I’m making it a sewing challenge month, so here’s to hoping the sewing is in my genes too! I have the creativity down, just need to harness the technical aspects of it.

As for this coat dress, it’s a work of art. I love all the details that only a trained seamstress would do. (or a high end designer) There’s top stitching, the bottom is weighted down so it hangs correctly,  and the buttons and button holes are just beautiful. The Universe gave my dear mom the gift of sewing and I just sit in awe every time she makes a new piece, what can I say? She’s an artist…



Dress by my mom

Lulu Jacket, Goodwill, $12.99

Tights, Forever21, $4.99

Ninewest heels, Goodwill, $12.50

Tom Ford sunglasses, Neiman Marcus, they were a gift – a very nice gift from someone in my past life in a land long long ago, e.i ex boyfriend. I thought about getting rid of them, but they are classic. So even though I’d like to forget about him, these sunnies are just too nice to discard.

Olive green Italian leather gloves, purchased in Italy, co-worker gave them to me (again, another very nice gift)

Tip: Forever21 has AMAZING tights! Great variety, cheap, and they fit well. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love my tights to be super high waisted and these ones are. They stay up all day and don’t snag easily.


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