30 days, 30 dresses: day 13 – Puuuurdy in pink

I woke up feeling quite romantic this morning and walked over to my lovely closet full of my lovely dresses to see which dress would choose me for the day. My Guess pink wrap dress stood out saying, “Pheebs you’ve never worn me, please take me out for a try.” Like magic, I had this vision of pearls and lace with my pink dress. I was part romantic, part Victorian, (with the lacy tights) and  part 50’s house wife. (with my pearls) I really had a lot of fun with this look and was happy to showcase two never before worn items; the dress and the tights. They were meant for each other!




Short strand pearls, Nordstrom Rack, I’ve had the necklace for years – but I think it was $10

Long strand pearls, from my Grandmother

Cream Banana Republic coat, Banana Republic, on sale for $50 (originally $250)

Guess pink wrap dress, free at a clothing swap!

Lace tights, Nordstrom Rack, not sure if my mom bought these for me or if I took them  from her- shhh, don’t tell her ;)

Franco Sarto heels, Goodwill, $5


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