I have great news: I’ll be on TV tomorrow!

I have some really great news to report: I’ll be on Good Day Sacramento at 8 am tomorrow!!! They contacted me about a month ago saying that someone had forwarded my blog to them and that they wanted me on the show. Well, tomorrow is the big day! They want me to do a fashion show with my clothes showing a range of Holiday attire. Basically, they want me to show the great people of Sacramento that you don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on a Holiday dress when you can spend $15 – 25. (Seriously, I have dresses that I know were between $300-$500 that I got for under $25, insane right?!)

So I have 6 models and everything they’ll have on from head to toe will be $50 and under. I’m sooooo excited that I get to showcase my clothes on TV and even more excited to show people that you really can look good for the Holidays on a budget :) Thrifty Phoebe to the rescue – here to teach and inspire…

Wish me luck!

Here’s Good Day Sacramento’s link to watch it live tomorrow:



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