A little catchin’ up to do…


It has been a BUSY and rainy week, so pictures of my dresses were obsolete – my apologies. But, today after my Good Day Sac appearance I had some time to breath, drink some coffee, and finally play catch up on some of my missing outfits! Here are 3 of my looks (30 Days, 30 Dresses) from this past week from top to bottom:

1.) Liz Claiborne dress, Thriftown, $15 (pricey for Thriftown, but was new and the fabric is hand dyed)
Ann Taylor blouse, Goodwill, $5
Vintage Art Deco hair clip worn as a tie, Sacramento Antique Fair, $5
Tights, Forever21, $4.99
2.) Calvin Klein dress, hand me down from a very kind co-worker
Vintage Oleg Casseni blouse, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $15 (The collar is my favorite part, and there are black buttons going down the entire back too. Beautiful silk vintage piece)
Joan & David heels, Nordstrom Rack, $50
3.) BCBG sweater dress, SPCA, $13
Bebe ankle boots, Goodwill, $10
Tip: Now that cold weather has fully taken flight, don’t be afraid to wear blouses or sweaters under your summer dresses like I did in the top 2 pics. You’d be surprised by all the different combinations you’ll come up with! Why not be a little creative and wear a vintage hair clip as a tie like I did!

3 thoughts on “A little catchin’ up to do…

    • Thank you! I really appreciate your comments :) It’s such a lovely blouse – Oleg Casseni designed for Jackie O so I was super excited when I found the piece!

      • I know how it feels to get feed back, and how easy it is for me to talk ahah so I thought I’d help.Oh wow I love Jackie O so that’s so exciting! Great find.

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