It’s my favorite kind of Sale! – Goodwill is 1/2 off the day after Thanksgiving


I love Goodwill and especially love Goodwill Boutique’s, which feature the best of the best that is donated. Being that I don’t have a car and bike everywhere, I typically find myself frequenting the Goodwill Boutique on  L street in between 16th and 17th because I live in Midtown. (yep, I bike around with my fancy dresses and heels on) This Goodwill Boutique is VERY organized and even the shoes are color coordinated and organized by size. One of the biggest complaints that I get from people who are leery and hesitant of thrifting is that thrift stores are overwhelming and un organized. This is not the case at the Goodwill Boutique on L street. It’s honestly one of my favorite go-to thrift stores, but I tend to only go on 1/2 off days because the boutique’s are more expensive than regular Goodwill’s. If I can wait for a better deal, you best believe I will!

So this Friday if you aren’t too full from turkey, head on down to your local Goodwill and check out the 1/2 off sales starting at 8 am. Being the veteran that I am to these types of sales, I have a few suggestions:

1.) If you can scout out the store the night before, do so. This way when you arrive in the morning you’ll know their merchandize and can strategize better.

2.) If you want the best stuff, show up early! I mean get there at like 7:30-7:45 am. There will be a line and I have no doubt it  will be busy this Friday.

3.) Have a mental list in your head of what you really want. Like, are you there for shoes? dresses? coats? If you have something you really want, start in that section. For example, I naturally gravitate towards the dresses and start there. (this will prevent you from getting too overwhelmed)

4.) Make sure to grab a basket as you walk in. You will be grabbing a lot of stuff fast and need somewhere to put all of it.

5.) Make sure to wear comfy clothes that are easy to get in and out of. You’ll want to try stuff on and just easier that way.

7.) Lastly, bring cash! They take ATM too, but the cash line will go a 100 times faster.

* 1/2 off days are a great way to find amazing pieces for a fraction of the price. I always leave with some amazing finds. Hmmmm, what will I find this Friday?


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