30 days, 30 dresses: It was a 2 outfit kind of day

When I found out I was getting a ride this morning, first thing I thought was ‘sweet, I can wear my new vintage leather skirt!!!’ As you know I’m a biker, and a very creative biker I might add. I’m especially creative when it comes to biking to work in a dress, skirt, and heels on – there’s a method to it! (I’ll blog about that soon) But, this particular leather skirt is literally skin tight and has no slit – so uhhhh, yeah, me biking in this would have been a little problematic. And if you’re wondering how I can get away with wearing a red leather skirt to work – well, I work at a Museum! :) Lots of creative expression there.

To continue with my dress challenge for the month, I did a second outfit for the evening. I changed into a lovely vintage mint green dress and modernized it with my leather jacket, boots, and some fun green eye shadow.

ImageImageImageMy favorite old co-worker Erin came to visit! I love her :)




1st outfit:

Vintage cashmere sweater, free from yet another wonderful co-worker at the Museum!

Vintage leather skirt, Deseret Industries thrift store, $12

Vintage red necklace from my momma, she got it in the 70’s

Ninewest heels, Goodwill, $25

2nd outfit:

Yaya leather jacket, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $18

Vintage dress, free at a clothing swap

Vintage necklace, Sacramento Antique Faire, .50 cents

Ninewest leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $28


2 thoughts on “30 days, 30 dresses: It was a 2 outfit kind of day

  1. My favorite here is the 2nd outfit. You look awesome in it, and the pose is classic. Your photographer sure gets nice shots!

  2. I am so happy to have met you the other day in Midtown Freestyle! Your blog is so charming…. I love the way you style your vintage. You are one classy dame! (-: Sasha (Astral Boutique)

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