30 days, 30 dresses: Thankful for my mom and the beautiful dresses she creates!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! When I think of the person I’m most thankful for, it’s my mom. She is my rock, number one fan, therapist, best friend, inspiration, and best critic! I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her. I remember as a little girl, my mom always encouraging my creative side; be it drawing, painting, photography and now my love for fashion. It’s no surprise that I developed a love affair for all things clothing, I mean, I grew up with the best seamstress in the world! She taught me from an early age about fabrics, construction, colors, and how to mix and match pieces – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is an artist.

Just look at these dresses she has made over the years! The green silk velvet one she made 12 years ago for a Holiday party, the light blue silk shantung dress she made for my Senior Prom and the silk black velvet she made something like 10 years ago. I feel very lucky to have inherited these beauties.



Tip: For older clothing make sure to take good care of them. I do this by keeping my pieces in a garment bag to protect the fabric. I know I want my pieces to last and a garment bag will help block out the sun, humidity, bugs, etc.


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