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Good evening fellow readers and thrift store/beautiful clothing enthusiasts! Today was a pivotal day for The Dress Fiend’s Facebook page – I reached 150 likes! It just tickles my heart to know that there are people out there following me and my thriftstore/bargainista adventures. 

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I have a Facebook page on the blog, so here it is:


I post other things on there that I don’t post on the blog. So if you guys would be a doll and ‘like’ my FB page, I would greatly greatly appreciate it! 


They call me mellow yellow…

It has been pouring rain for the last week or so and I decided that I had had enough of this yuck/depressing/soggy weather! I was gonna wear a bright colored dress today and that bright color was gonna make the sun come out… and by golly, it did!

I recently got a bright yellow 60’s style tunic dress from Banana Republic for a steal of a price. It was originally $140, marked down to $54.97, then an extra 40% off the day I went in! Super awesome deal right? I love me my thrifting, but heck, a brand new Banana dress for $34 bucks ain’t bad. (that’s $106 dollars off the original price!)

Though it’s a ‘Spring’ color, I went ahead and channeled my inner rebel and wore the bright yellow dress in Winter anyways. I seasoned it up appropriately with a chunky black and white necklace, white stockings, (no, those are not my legs! I know I’m pale) and some great black leather boots. See, in order to be a trend setter, one must think outside the box from time to time and take some risks. I was happy with my risk today and was especially happy about getting my dress for a steal of a deal. Hey, I buy new when the price tags right ;)




New Banana Republic dress, Banana Republic, $34

Necklace, made by a co-worker of mine

Tights, I stole from my mom, she’s gonna demand them back now watch

Ninewest black leather boots, Freestyle Clothing Thrift Store, $28

I’m a judge on Thrift Store Runway this month – who knows, your thifted look might just win :)

I’m happy to announce that I, along with Fly Won of www.flysnest.com, will be your December judges for Thrift Store Runway. I’ve now won TSR a couple times and Fly Won is our top winner of all time. With our combined love of thrifting, aesthetics, and passion for the fashion, I’m sure we will come up with some great winners!!! 

So here’s the low down peeps: Thrift Store Runway is a contest that is part of the movement to Bring Back National Thrift Week, which used to be a vibrant celebration of the virtue of thrift in America. They have gathered local and national sponsors to try to revive this lost tradition and, ultimately, the idea of thrift itself. It’s no secret how passionate I am about thrifting and the belief that one doesn’t need to break the bank to look fashionable. When I found out about this contest months ago I was THRILLED! Not just because of the chance to win cash, but because there are others out there who believe as strongly in thrifting as I do. 

Each month 5 (this month 6, 3 winners from each judge) winners are chosen for their best thrifted outfit under $50 bucks. If the contest gets more than 50 contestants, then the prize for each person is $500! If it’s under 50, then each contestant gets $100. I have now one twice, one at $100 the other at $500. 

Ok, I want people to win big this month! Got that?!!! :) So here’s what you have to do to submit, go to:


Then on top you will see ‘SUBMIT’ click on that. Follow the directions to submit and BAM! you are in the running to win best thrifted outfit. It’s that easy my friends. Coolest thing is that you can enter as many photos as you’d like, increasing your chance of winning. Just make sure that the majority of your outfit is thirfted. If you are confused or have any questions write me or Thrift Store Runway and we can help clarify.

Here are the links to the site, about section, where to submit, and where you can view all who have entered: 





GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO, here are a few of my favorite past winners of Thrift Store Runway and the two that I have won!:








For the love of vintage – perfect Christmas skirt

What’s cooler than a vintage skirt? A vintage skirt that’s reversible!!! I got this beautiful wool Pendleton high waisted pleated skirt a couple days ago at Freestyle. I saw it and immediately thought, “what a perfect skirt for Christmas!” (the colors are ideal for the season) I got it home and immediately started toying around with a few different outfit options. As I was putting it on, I read the tag and it said it was reversible and I’ll be darned it was! I have never seen a skirt like this before and now not only did I get a fantastic vintage skirt for 1/2 off at $8 bucks; I now have two skirts in one! I tell you, they just don’t make clothes like this anymore. (Well, ok, my mom does – girl is a genius behind the sewing machine)

This skirt is a perfect example of why I got much love and respect for vintage. It tells a story, is made well, and is so absolutely unique. Quite simply, they are works of art. Below you’ll see both ways the skirt can be worn. One of the sides is more red brown and when you twirl the inside pleats are green. In the other picture, it’s green and red with the inside pleats red when twirling. When you wear this skirt you twirl, I believe they wrote that onto the label as well ;) “Twirling required!”ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Vintage 1940′s cashmere sweater, gift of co-worker

Vintage Pendleton wool pleated skirt, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $8

Tights, Forever21, $4.99 (they have the best tights!!!)

Ninewest heels, Goodwill, $12.50


Red beaded necklace, Momma got this necklace in Ecuador in the 1970′s

Green and gold earrings, I made them

Jade bracelet, my moms

Tips: Like my red lipstick? It’s Wet and Wild!!! Recently a makeup artist friend of mine said that the same people who make MAC make Wet and Wild. These 3 lipsticks I got are fantastic, stay on long, and are moisturizing. I’m usually a snot when it comes to makeup, but these 3 lipsticks may have changed my ways. They were $1.99 each!!! Colors from left to right: Purty Persimmon, Stoplight Red, and Peachy Keen


I love an excuse to get dolled up!

It probably comes to no surprise that I love an excuse to get uber dolled up. What can I say? I’m a girly girl. I still like dressin’ down, but you give me an occasion to wear my fanciest dress and I’m there!

Last night was one of my dearest friend’s Holiday party. I knew that it was the perfect occasion to bust out this beautiful Calvin Klein number that I’ve had hanging up in my closet  for a few years now. The dress needed to redeem itself; I wore it New Years Eve 2010 with a then boyfriend. That relationship did not work out and I was tempted to throw the dress away after we broke up. But I came to my senses and realized that it was way too pretty of a piece to let one bad boyfriend ruin it for me. So last night it made its appearance and most definitely redeemed itself – I felt like a whole new woman in it!




Calvin Klein, from Macy’s, I had a gift card, which meant FREE!

Shoes from Goodwill, $10

Necklace, Co-worker made for me

When nature inspires fashion…

The Fall colors, to me,  make for the richest of palettes and this season has produced the most vibrant leaves in years. I’m constantly inspired by things around me and it was no surprise recently that my ensemble was inspired by a beautiful tree outside of work. On the third floor of the Museum there’s a gallery that has the most spectacular view of Crocker Park and all it’s beautiful trees. One tree in particular struck my fancy; it’s leaves were a rich ochre yellow color. You know when you have that ‘light bulb’ moment? Well, I did and remembered that I had a 60’s inspired tunic at home that had a print very reminiscent to the tree I was staring at. 

So, if you’re ever feeling ‘blah’ and uninspired take a look outside and let nature speak to you. You never know what kind of inspiration it may lend…

Below you’ll find my nature inspired look (when looking at the image with 4 pictures, take a look at the top right one. Those are the leaves that inspired me!):



No name dress from Goodwill, $10

Earrings, Forever21, $4.99

Both pairs of tights are from Forever21, each $4.99

Ninewest boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $28


Try layering your tights to get cool effects like I have done here with my yellow and fishnet tights. Very fun way to spruce up a Fall/Winter outfit!


When thrifting pays your rent, no seriously! I won $500 for my thrifted look on thriftstorerunway.com

My good friend Amy said to me earlier, “Phoebe…are you fully cognizant of how the stars have aligned in your life?”  I can’t believe it! Well, I suppose I can because it’s all unfolding right in front of me. It all started with one little idea of sharing my passion for thrifting through a blog and  by posting my thrifted looks on thriftstorerunway.com. When I finally took the leap and started actively pursuing my dreams they started coming to fruition at first slowly, and recently VERY rapidly. This week alone I was on TV for my blog on Good Day Sacramento, was part of an amazing OZ themed wedding photo shoot, and today I get an email saying I won the thriftstorerunway.com contest for November with a prize of $500! (I also won the contest 2 months ago, but it was $100 then)

So to all my followers out there that have passions and dreams – keep putting one foot in front of the other and BELIEVE in yourself. The picture that was chosen for the contest was a polka dot Ralph Lauren blouse, leopard silk scarf, and vintage black leather skirt. What I find so cool about the win is that I had this idea in my head that leopard and polka dots might look good together. I followed my instinct, wore the prints together and Voila! my outfit gets chosen as a winner. Listen to that gut feeling my friends!

Link to the picture and site:



Good Day Sacramento links and sneak peak at the Oz themed wedding shoot

In the words of Ice Cube, “Today was a good day.” Nerves set aside, I graced the doors of my favorite used clothing store, Freestyle, at 8 am. I embraced the ever so gracious staff and thought to myself, “this place feels like Cheers to me, where everyone knows my name.”  They make me smile, and well, buy more used clothes! :)

Good Day Sacramento came to the store today to do a segment with me and my favorite thrift store. I didn’t even have to think twice when I picked Freestyle as my place for the segment. Having the segment at my home away from home, Freestyle, was my thank you to them for allowing me to get great pieces on a budget!

It was really fun today and I had not only one segment, but two! Can you believe it?! I got to talk about my blog, passion for thrifting, love for combining vintage with modern pieces, and did I mention I was put to the test?! Yeah, I had 60 seconds to run around the store and find amazing looks. In 60 seconds I found 4 complete outfits, (dresses, shoes and accessories) not bad right?! Links to the show below: (there are 2 links cause there were two segments! Oh heeey)



Picture from Good Day:


Right after the segment I raced over to do a photo shoot! I sound glamorous huh? I assure you I’m not lol – but we are allowed a day or two to feel special and today was that day for me. Any how, a photographer I know was doing a big wedding shoot and the theme of the shoot was the new Oz movie. I got to dress up as Glenda the Good Witch, fun right?! I felt so fancy getting my hair and makeup done – AND being a bride for a day was awesome! Seeing that I don’t have any prospects for marriage, I was happy pretending to be a bride for a day :) I can’t quite show pictures of the shoot yet, but here are a couple teasers:


Be a little fearless this Holiday and put on a pair of red leather pants!

I’m the type of girl that leans more towards the Classic side, but I do, however, have myself a daring side! Introducing my vintage red leather pants. The same day I found these bad boys at Deseret Industries thrift store I also found a high waisted red leather skirt. The thrifting Gods were trying to tell me something I think, perhaps it was – “Pheebs let’s be more bold this Holiday season, spice it up with some red leather!”

I wore these pants on Friday and dressed them down a bit for the day time with a long white t-shirt, bronze necklace, and nude pumps. That night I had a Holiday jewelry party to go to and decided to spice it up with a leopard long sleeved blouse and some extra jewelry that I purchased at the party courtesy of the very talented Michele. (in the picture with me) I mean, leopard and red leather, need I say more?

So if your stuck in a bind trying to come up with a Holiday look this season, might I suggest thinking outside of the box? My vintage 1980’s super high waisted (seriously they nearly go up to my boobs) red leather pants may be dated, but I had fun and modernized them with contemporary tops and accessories.

Again, I am rocking the sock bun and think the easy, no fuss up do is perfect for the Holiday season as well. Glamorous hair in 5 minutes or less, can’t beat that!



Shirt for 1st look: Long white t-shirt, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $10

Shirt for 2nd look: Volcom leopard blouse, hand me down from co-worker

Vintage red leather pants, Deseret Industries thrift store, $10

Ninewest nude heels, Goodwill, $12.50


If you’ve never been to Deseret Industries please do yourself a favor and go check it out. I don’t always get a chance to go out there because I don’t have a car. But, it’s honestly one of the most organized and clean thrift stores I’ve been to. And not only that, they have the nicest staff and some of the bests finds I’ve ever encountered there for cheap! Here’s the one I go to:

3000 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: (916) 482-1480
Monday hours 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Pantone Color of the Year for 2013: Emerald

I’m Claire Voyant! I subconsciously knew that they were going to choose Emerald green as the color of 2013 ;) I have been loving this color for the Fall/Winter season and have been incorporating it not only in my wardrobe, but makeup as well. Emerald green to me is such a strong, vibrant, bold, and ‘notice me’ color that looks amazing on everyone – it’s almost a Universal color if you will. It is said that “green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum.” So naturally one is attracted to the beautiful hue and in regards to fashion, it is a color that will give someone confidence and get noticed no doubt! Here’s an article by the LA Times today about it:


How will you wear this color? Here are a few thrifted examples that I’ve worn recently (notice the Emerald eye shadow used as eye liner to create a ‘cat eye’ effect – pretty nifty if I do say so myself):


Outfit from top to bottom: 

Express shirt dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $10, Belt gifted from a friend’s wife, vintage heels, SPCA thrift, $10

Eye makeup from, believe it or not, from the Canned Food Grocery Outlet! (it came with a whole palette of colors in the compact, the brand is Elf and was $3.99!)

Long Grecian style dress, Deseret Industries, $8, Gold necklace, Goodwill, $5, Gold cocktail ring, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $5, Vintage beaded purse, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $15, and Ninewest gold heels, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $10