Fancy Schmancy event at Le Museum – it’s nice to pretend sometimes…

We had our Annual Crocker Ball fundraiser yesterday at work. It brought out some of the best of the best in town and WOW were there amazing dresses, coats, and jewels. (Alright, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gawking over a few pieces – a girl can appreciate beauty when she sees it!) Maybe one day I’ll be a guest at one of these soirees, but for now I am perfectly content working at them and supporting the Museum I love so much.

So yes I worked, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to let that stop me from getting all fancy schmancy too! My dear mom made me a fantastic sheath dress made from fabric she has been storing for about 15 years. It’s faux seal skin and the iridescent quality of it is just stunning. (the fabric alone really does speak for itself) Besides the incredible fabric, the most impressive part about the dress are all the little details done so beautifully by the Master Seamstress herself, Deb ‘Momma’ Verkouw. She top stitched, hand sewed the hems, and even adorned the back zipper with a smokey quartz. So even though I wasn’t an official guest at the Ball, I sure felt like one in my one of a kind couture dress :)

P.S. She made the earrings too!

ImageImageImage Best boss ever, Ms Cindy

ImageImageImage My other work mate Connie


Tip: As you can see, last night at the Ball I wore my hair in a pony tail with a big ol’ puff. Today I opted for a classic sock bun. Let me break it down for ya’ll: To get the puff for the pony tail one must apply some kind of product before blow drying to give it that kind of stiff texture – no stiff, no puff. I use Bumble and Bumble thickening spray and Texture cream. (omg a little goes a long way with that!) I tease tease tease away with my rolling brush, push it back, smooth down the fly aways and put it in a pony! As for the sock bun, it’s literally a rolled up sock in my bun! Cut the toe out of an old sock, roll it into a doughnut looking thing and start at the ends of your pony and begin rolling down towards your scalp to create the bun. Very simple and takes like 5 minutes, maybe I will start making little videos to show you how it’s done :) Any how, I finish both pony tail and sock bun with Elnett hairspray by Loreal. This way it’s smooth and stays in place. Let me know if you have any questions!


3 thoughts on “Fancy Schmancy event at Le Museum – it’s nice to pretend sometimes…

  1. pev you look beautiful & your mom is just wonderful..what a great dress! i wrote her today & told what she already knows…she’s an artist for sure! thank you for sharing…i have fun visiting your site….kris in portland oregon

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