From sad, mad, to glad!

We all have our tough days don’t we? Sometimes it’s because we’re tired, lonely, anxious, and other days it’s because we allow the little things in life to get to us down. Sunday was a sad, mad kind of day for me. But come Monday, my sad/mad state of mind went straight to glad when I received an email from Good Day Sacramento saying that they would love to have me on the show again. Why am I glad? Because I had an epiphany realizing that the most important thing right now isn’t sweating the little things, (like my menz troubles – phewy on them) but rather my passion for thrifting and making other people see the beauty inside them that maybe they can’t see. My ultimate goal through all this blogging and thrifting is to teach people how to feel their best through clothing one thrifty piece at a time. I’m so thankful to the people over at Good Day Sacramento for allowing me to have a voice :)

Another really great thing that came out of my pitty party from Sunday, was that I finally perfected the sock bun. (literally there is a rolled up sock in my bun, coolest hair trick ever!) Such a fun and classy look. The first two pics were taken Sunday and my facial expressions say it all. Monday was a fun day with my girl Katie and we got our ‘thrift on’ at the local SPCA thrift, Salvation Army and Freestyle Clothing thrift. I didn’t purchase anyhting at SPCA, but Katie found cool necklace holders, we named them Coo Coo and Cra Cra. At Salvation Army I snagged a gorgeous pair of Ferragamo shoes for $4 and at Freestyle I got a vintage Oscar de la Renta leopard scarf. I know, I’m obsessed with the leopard.

1st outfit: Banana Republic sweater from Goodwill, ($5) Ann Taylor dress from Freestyle Clothing thrift store, ($15) H&M scarf from Freestyle Clothing thrift store, ($7) Vintage cameo brooch from the Sac Antique Faire. ($10) NOTE: Be creative and use your brooch as a fastener to close your sweaters. Bit of a statement piece.

2nd outfit: Blouse was free at clothing swap, leopard scarf H&M from Freestyle Clothing thrift store, (I obviously love this scarf, $7) Leather leggings from Thriftown (made in Paris too! and $1.66!) and Ninewest heels from Freestyle Clothing thrift store. ($15)



2 thoughts on “From sad, mad, to glad!

    • Thank you! That BR sweater is the most comfy thing I own, such a great Goodwill find. I’m glad you liked the brooch idea, makes me happy! :) It gives it a more modern twist I think.

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