Be a little fearless this Holiday and put on a pair of red leather pants!

I’m the type of girl that leans more towards the Classic side, but I do, however, have myself a daring side! Introducing my vintage red leather pants. The same day I found these bad boys at Deseret Industries thrift store I also found a high waisted red leather skirt. The thrifting Gods were trying to tell me something I think, perhaps it was – “Pheebs let’s be more bold this Holiday season, spice it up with some red leather!”

I wore these pants on Friday and dressed them down a bit for the day time with a long white t-shirt, bronze necklace, and nude pumps. That night I had a Holiday jewelry party to go to and decided to spice it up with a leopard long sleeved blouse and some extra jewelry that I purchased at the party courtesy of the very talented Michele. (in the picture with me) I mean, leopard and red leather, need I say more?

So if your stuck in a bind trying to come up with a Holiday look this season, might I suggest thinking outside of the box? My vintage 1980’s super high waisted (seriously they nearly go up to my boobs) red leather pants may be dated, but I had fun and modernized them with contemporary tops and accessories.

Again, I am rocking the sock bun and think the easy, no fuss up do is perfect for the Holiday season as well. Glamorous hair in 5 minutes or less, can’t beat that!



Shirt for 1st look: Long white t-shirt, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $10

Shirt for 2nd look: Volcom leopard blouse, hand me down from co-worker

Vintage red leather pants, Deseret Industries thrift store, $10

Ninewest nude heels, Goodwill, $12.50


If you’ve never been to Deseret Industries please do yourself a favor and go check it out. I don’t always get a chance to go out there because I don’t have a car. But, it’s honestly one of the most organized and clean thrift stores I’ve been to. And not only that, they have the nicest staff and some of the bests finds I’ve ever encountered there for cheap! Here’s the one I go to:

3000 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: (916) 482-1480
Monday hours 9:00 am–6:00 pm

One thought on “Be a little fearless this Holiday and put on a pair of red leather pants!

  1. Hi Phoebe, your blog is so much fun to read and think about! I did share your blog address with a co-teacher who works with GED students to help them see how to save money and also how to put outfits together for jog interviews etcetc….he told me today that he loves it too and it’s a success with the young people he teaches….also wanted to share that there’s someone here in Portland who organizes a thrift caravan once a year–people pay $20 dollars and a driver takes them to all the best thrift shops in town, plus they get lunch together….pretty cool! …one other idea is the freebie clothing trade parties where friends bring in their best but tired-of stuff and just switch with friends [not a new idea, but fun sometimes!]….I am so glad for your success on TV and with your blog–you are so much more interesting than everything else those morning shows do…you also REALLY remind me of your cool mom who I’ve always loved…more later, kris…hope to meet you some time!

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