Good Day Sacramento links and sneak peak at the Oz themed wedding shoot

In the words of Ice Cube, “Today was a good day.” Nerves set aside, I graced the doors of my favorite used clothing store, Freestyle, at 8 am. I embraced the ever so gracious staff and thought to myself, “this place feels like Cheers to me, where everyone knows my name.”  They make me smile, and well, buy more used clothes! :)

Good Day Sacramento came to the store today to do a segment with me and my favorite thrift store. I didn’t even have to think twice when I picked Freestyle as my place for the segment. Having the segment at my home away from home, Freestyle, was my thank you to them for allowing me to get great pieces on a budget!

It was really fun today and I had not only one segment, but two! Can you believe it?! I got to talk about my blog, passion for thrifting, love for combining vintage with modern pieces, and did I mention I was put to the test?! Yeah, I had 60 seconds to run around the store and find amazing looks. In 60 seconds I found 4 complete outfits, (dresses, shoes and accessories) not bad right?! Links to the show below: (there are 2 links cause there were two segments! Oh heeey)

Picture from Good Day:


Right after the segment I raced over to do a photo shoot! I sound glamorous huh? I assure you I’m not lol – but we are allowed a day or two to feel special and today was that day for me. Any how, a photographer I know was doing a big wedding shoot and the theme of the shoot was the new Oz movie. I got to dress up as Glenda the Good Witch, fun right?! I felt so fancy getting my hair and makeup done – AND being a bride for a day was awesome! Seeing that I don’t have any prospects for marriage, I was happy pretending to be a bride for a day :) I can’t quite show pictures of the shoot yet, but here are a couple teasers:



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