When thrifting pays your rent, no seriously! I won $500 for my thrifted look on thriftstorerunway.com

My good friend Amy said to me earlier, “Phoebe…are you fully cognizant of how the stars have aligned in your life?”  I can’t believe it! Well, I suppose I can because it’s all unfolding right in front of me. It all started with one little idea of sharing my passion for thrifting through a blog and  by posting my thrifted looks on thriftstorerunway.com. When I finally took the leap and started actively pursuing my dreams they started coming to fruition at first slowly, and recently VERY rapidly. This week alone I was on TV for my blog on Good Day Sacramento, was part of an amazing OZ themed wedding photo shoot, and today I get an email saying I won the thriftstorerunway.com contest for November with a prize of $500! (I also won the contest 2 months ago, but it was $100 then)

So to all my followers out there that have passions and dreams – keep putting one foot in front of the other and BELIEVE in yourself. The picture that was chosen for the contest was a polka dot Ralph Lauren blouse, leopard silk scarf, and vintage black leather skirt. What I find so cool about the win is that I had this idea in my head that leopard and polka dots might look good together. I followed my instinct, wore the prints together and Voila! my outfit gets chosen as a winner. Listen to that gut feeling my friends!

Link to the picture and site:




2 thoughts on “When thrifting pays your rent, no seriously! I won $500 for my thrifted look on thriftstorerunway.com

  1. Congratulations! I think they’ve posted a different outfit of yours as the winner? It looks like a leopard dress with MK heels. Thank you for introducing me to the site, I hope I can enter in the future.

  2. Hey girl! They hadn’t quite posted it yet, I had just received the email. (p.s. the leopard dress you saw was from another win I had a couple months ago) But, they posted this morning and here’s the link! It’s an awesome site and was designed to bring back the love for thrifting. I think the contest is only for the States, but go ahead and write them and see if you can submit! :) the site is thriftstorerunway.com

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