For the love of vintage – perfect Christmas skirt

What’s cooler than a vintage skirt? A vintage skirt that’s reversible!!! I got this beautiful wool Pendleton high waisted pleated skirt a couple days ago at Freestyle. I saw it and immediately thought, “what a perfect skirt for Christmas!” (the colors are ideal for the season) I got it home and immediately started toying around with a few different outfit options. As I was putting it on, I read the tag and it said it was reversible and I’ll be darned it was! I have never seen a skirt like this before and now not only did I get a fantastic vintage skirt for 1/2 off at $8 bucks; I now have two skirts in one! I tell you, they just don’t make clothes like this anymore. (Well, ok, my mom does – girl is a genius behind the sewing machine)

This skirt is a perfect example of why I got much love and respect for vintage. It tells a story, is made well, and is so absolutely unique. Quite simply, they are works of art. Below you’ll see both ways the skirt can be worn. One of the sides is more red brown and when you twirl the inside pleats are green. In the other picture, it’s green and red with the inside pleats red when twirling. When you wear this skirt you twirl, I believe they wrote that onto the label as well ;) “Twirling required!”ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Vintage 1940′s cashmere sweater, gift of co-worker

Vintage Pendleton wool pleated skirt, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $8

Tights, Forever21, $4.99 (they have the best tights!!!)

Ninewest heels, Goodwill, $12.50


Red beaded necklace, Momma got this necklace in Ecuador in the 1970′s

Green and gold earrings, I made them

Jade bracelet, my moms

Tips: Like my red lipstick? It’s Wet and Wild!!! Recently a makeup artist friend of mine said that the same people who make MAC make Wet and Wild. These 3 lipsticks I got are fantastic, stay on long, and are moisturizing. I’m usually a snot when it comes to makeup, but these 3 lipsticks may have changed my ways. They were $1.99 each!!! Colors from left to right: Purty Persimmon, Stoplight Red, and Peachy Keen



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