When nature inspires fashion…

The Fall colors, to me,  make for the richest of palettes and this season has produced the most vibrant leaves in years. I’m constantly inspired by things around me and it was no surprise recently that my ensemble was inspired by a beautiful tree outside of work. On the third floor of the Museum there’s a gallery that has the most spectacular view of Crocker Park and all it’s beautiful trees. One tree in particular struck my fancy; it’s leaves were a rich ochre yellow color. You know when you have that ‘light bulb’ moment? Well, I did and remembered that I had a 60’s inspired tunic at home that had a print very reminiscent to the tree I was staring at. 

So, if you’re ever feeling ‘blah’ and uninspired take a look outside and let nature speak to you. You never know what kind of inspiration it may lend…

Below you’ll find my nature inspired look (when looking at the image with 4 pictures, take a look at the top right one. Those are the leaves that inspired me!):



No name dress from Goodwill, $10

Earrings, Forever21, $4.99

Both pairs of tights are from Forever21, each $4.99

Ninewest boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift store, $28


Try layering your tights to get cool effects like I have done here with my yellow and fishnet tights. Very fun way to spruce up a Fall/Winter outfit!



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