I’m a judge on Thrift Store Runway this month – who knows, your thifted look might just win :)

I’m happy to announce that I, along with Fly Won of www.flysnest.com, will be your December judges for Thrift Store Runway. I’ve now won TSR a couple times and Fly Won is our top winner of all time. With our combined love of thrifting, aesthetics, and passion for the fashion, I’m sure we will come up with some great winners!!! 

So here’s the low down peeps: Thrift Store Runway is a contest that is part of the movement to Bring Back National Thrift Week, which used to be a vibrant celebration of the virtue of thrift in America. They have gathered local and national sponsors to try to revive this lost tradition and, ultimately, the idea of thrift itself. It’s no secret how passionate I am about thrifting and the belief that one doesn’t need to break the bank to look fashionable. When I found out about this contest months ago I was THRILLED! Not just because of the chance to win cash, but because there are others out there who believe as strongly in thrifting as I do. 

Each month 5 (this month 6, 3 winners from each judge) winners are chosen for their best thrifted outfit under $50 bucks. If the contest gets more than 50 contestants, then the prize for each person is $500! If it’s under 50, then each contestant gets $100. I have now one twice, one at $100 the other at $500. 

Ok, I want people to win big this month! Got that?!!! :) So here’s what you have to do to submit, go to:


Then on top you will see ‘SUBMIT’ click on that. Follow the directions to submit and BAM! you are in the running to win best thrifted outfit. It’s that easy my friends. Coolest thing is that you can enter as many photos as you’d like, increasing your chance of winning. Just make sure that the majority of your outfit is thirfted. If you are confused or have any questions write me or Thrift Store Runway and we can help clarify.

Here are the links to the site, about section, where to submit, and where you can view all who have entered: 





GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO, here are a few of my favorite past winners of Thrift Store Runway and the two that I have won!:









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