They call me mellow yellow…

It has been pouring rain for the last week or so and I decided that I had had enough of this yuck/depressing/soggy weather! I was gonna wear a bright colored dress today and that bright color was gonna make the sun come out… and by golly, it did!

I recently got a bright yellow 60’s style tunic dress from Banana Republic for a steal of a price. It was originally $140, marked down to $54.97, then an extra 40% off the day I went in! Super awesome deal right? I love me my thrifting, but heck, a brand new Banana dress for $34 bucks ain’t bad. (that’s $106 dollars off the original price!)

Though it’s a ‘Spring’ color, I went ahead and channeled my inner rebel and wore the bright yellow dress in Winter anyways. I seasoned it up appropriately with a chunky black and white necklace, white stockings, (no, those are not my legs! I know I’m pale) and some great black leather boots. See, in order to be a trend setter, one must think outside the box from time to time and take some risks. I was happy with my risk today and was especially happy about getting my dress for a steal of a deal. Hey, I buy new when the price tags right ;)




New Banana Republic dress, Banana Republic, $34

Necklace, made by a co-worker of mine

Tights, I stole from my mom, she’s gonna demand them back now watch

Ninewest black leather boots, Freestyle Clothing Thrift Store, $28


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