Why the simple black dress is your number one must have

I think the simple black dress is so important that I have 8 of them! Ok, you don’t need 8 of them like I have, but at least one to two is key. If it’s any consolation, I work Special Events and our dress code is all black. See, I need 8 of them for work! ;)

Why I think the simple black dress is so important is because it’s like a blank canvas that can be painted any which way. It can be either dressed up or dressed down, which makes it very versatile. In the pictures below you’ll see myself and my dress form, who I refer to as Phoe-bot. (my name is Phoebe and Phoe-bot is my new side kick) Both black dresses shown in all the photos are sleeveless, knee length, and Banana Republic. Essentially, it’s the same dress, but dressed in 6 different ways to show how versatile it really can be! I chose sleeveless because in winter time a sleeveless dress means you can layer with blouses and sweaters underneath!

The business look:


The Casual Look:


The Winter Evening Look:


From top to bottom:

NOTE: Both black dresses are Banana Republic, Thriftown ($8) and Freestyle, ($15)

1st look:

On me: Polka Dot Ralph Lauren blouse, (Goodwill, $10) Stuart Weitzman Boots, (Freestyle, $16.50) Vintage black broach worn as bow tie, (Sac Antique Faire, .50)

On Phoe-Bot: Leopard silk blouse, (Freestyle, $10) Vintage red beads from my Mom

2nd look:

On me: Vintage beret, (Sac Antique Faire, $2) Gap tan coat, (Goodwill, $5) Scarf gift from my mom, Authentic Cowboy boots, (Freestyle, $12.50!)

On Phoe-Bot: Banana Republic beanie, (Freestyle, $10) Cashmere scarf was a gift, Ann Taylor jeans jacket, (Goodwill, $5) Necklace Forever21, ($4.99) and Italian leather boots, (Freestyle, $10)

3rd look:

On me: Red Gap peacoat, (Freestyle, $15) Necklace is Forever21, ($6.99) Ninewest heels (Freestyle, $15)

On Phoe-Bot: Bebe black satin coat, (Goodwill, $5) Necklace is Forever21, ($4.99) Vintage shoes, (SPCA thrift, $10) and black vintage clutch (Freestyle, $8)

A simple black dress can go a long way with a few accessories and a little creativity!


“I’ll take dresses with a side of dessert please”

Do you ever have those moments in life where it’s non stop crazy busy; be it in your job or personal life? Oh my gosh, that was me this past weekend! There was one point at work Saturday morning that I almost cried and I NEVER cry at work.

Isn’t that just life though? Where you stroll along with the greatest of ease and all of a sudden BAM! things get busy, crazy, and a tad bit tough. Life wouldn’t be fun any other way right? Well, work needless to say was very busy and a little cra cra this past weekend. (well, past two weeks really!)

As I took my break Saturday at work the sweet sweet waitress (Jessica, bless her heart) from the Cafe bought me a beautiful pink cupcake to cheer me up. That cupcake was exactly what I needed! The little treat got me to thinking about the two things in life that bring me immense joy in times of stress, depression, and blatant craziness.  Might sound silly, but it’s dresses and desserts. I’m simple like that. Phoebe depressed and not wanting to be = Phoebe putting on a dress, going out, and eating dessert. That’s exactly what I did Saturday night after my rough day. I got dolled up, went on a nice date, had an excellent dinner, and finished it with a lovely lovely dessert from The Press Bistro. Ummm, if you haven’t been there please go!

The picture below is an oldie, but I dragged it out of archives because it shows off both a dress and desserts :) The dress is Betsy Johnson ($20) and shoes are Ninewest. ($15) Both items are from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift store on 21st and L street.


Cupcakes I decorated myself to match the dress! The picture below this one is an array of all the desserts I consumed this past weekend. Ok, I also had Key Lime pie from Rick’s Dessert Diner, but forgot to take a picture :-/



3 days, 3 outfits: Goodwill Goodies from the 1/2 off sale on MLK day

Do you love 1/2 off? Cause I LOVE 1/2 off! Seriously, I had a really big day on Monday, but I sure as heck biked my booty over to Goodwill bright and early to get me the best 1/2 off deals. Typically I’m there when they open at 8:30 a.m., (they open early on their 1/2 off days) but I decided to sleep in a tad and went at 9:30 a.m. instead. It was a little crazy, but nothing I couldn’t handle!

Sweetest thing, I walked in and one of the worker’s said, ‘nice to see a regular and girl loving the outfit!’ I was like, ‘shoot, I’m VIP at Goodwill!’ ;) Really, they are sweet in there. Goodwill not only provides wonderful clothes to us thrift stores enthusiast, but also helps with employment and job training. It makes shopping a ‘feel good’ experience knowing that my money will go towards helping others. I must say that they are doing a mighty fine job!

It was a good day shopping – I had placed a budget of $40 and under and am happy to report that I spent a total of $ 39.38. Below you’ll see 3 examples of a few things I got during my shopping spree. In total I got a J.Crew silk dress and blouse, 2 Ralph Lauren Dresses, cashmere sweater, sports bra, brand new roll brush and hair ties, (they have new things there as well for super cheap) pair of heels, and a scarf – steal right?!

TIP: The Goodwill I go to is in between 16th and 17th on L street. People always wonder how I get such greats things there. It’s because it’s the boutique. What does this mean? It means that the best of the best donated goes there. It’s a little pricier, hence why I go on 1/2 off day! Check it out next Holiday. (President’s Day)


Goodwill items featured: J.Crew silk blouse, ($5) Ralph Lauren dress, ($6.50) and J.Crew silk dress. ($6.50)

All other items thrifted as well, but the brass necklace (Forever21) and belt (gift of a co-workers sweet sweet wife!)

Winter accessorizing – just because I have to bike doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my fashion!

It’s no secret that I  don’t like the Winter weather. Biking around in near freezing temps or rain has it’s challeneges, but if anything it has kept me very humble :)

As painful as I might find the weather, I do love a beautiful coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. In this post are two examples of recent Winter looks. My key items for looking fashionable and staying warm during Winter are a pair of gloves and a scarf. I would freeze with out them!



#1Tan Gap wool cape coat, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $25 (kind of expensive, but worth it for a coat – I really love it) Sunglasses, Sac Antique Faire, $3, Leopard H&M scarf, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $7, Broach, Sac antique Faire, $10, Black leather gloves from a thrift store in Woodland, $2, Express skinny jeans, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $10 & Stuart Weitzman black leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $16 (they were 1/2 off from $32!)

#2: Scarf, Sac Antique Faire, $5, Bebe jacket, Goodwill, $5, Leather leggings (these aren’t real leather, but still awesome and made in Paris) from Thriftown, $1.33, Bracelet was my Grandmothers, and Stuart Weitzman boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $16.

Tips: You don’t have to be boring this Winter. Accessorize your Winter wear with a cute scarf or maybe throw on a classic broach to your favorite coat for a little something extra. And lets not forget gloves and hats – cute and functional. Oh, I love boots – but that’s a whole other article!



Recent Sacramento Antique Faire finds

The morning of the Sacramento Antique Faire this past Sunday was one of the coldest I’ve experienced yet, but it wasn’t cold enough to keep me away from my favorite event in Sac! I woke up bright and early that morning, bundled up with my hat, coat, and gloves and peddled my frozen self over to 21st and X Street. I’m not evening kidding, there was still ice out when I biked over. I thought to myself, ‘this trip better be worth it!’ Well, as you can tell by my photos below, it was.

A couple things I learned from this last trip that might be helpful to you all. I decided to change things up a little and check out other vendors I hadn’t visited before. What I found/learned is that some of these vendors with boxes and boxes of clothes have some pretty rad pieces mixed into the bunch. I got this amazing wool vintage hand beaded cardigan and silk 50’s dress with an incredible print for $5 bucks! So next time you are at the Antique Faire don’t forget to scope out some of the boxes of clothes cause you never know what you might find. I also checked out some of the smaller vendors that had other things than clothes. One in particular had amazing hats and vintage sunglasses. She drove a hard bargain at $2 per beret and $3 for 70’s sunglasses :) What I learned about this trip is to think outside the norm and mix things up sometimes with new vendors. I had a blast and left with some amazing finds!

What do you guys think of my finds? Like how I paired the cream beret and sunglasses with my already owned green trench, scarf and sweater? Or how about the 50’s print (with the ladies on it) dress with the navy beret? Let me know! :) Would love to hear your feed back…



Cream wool beret from the Antique Faire this past weekend, ($2) 70’s sunglasses also from the Antique Faire, ($3) Oscar de la Renta leopard scarf from Freestyle Clothing thrift, ($8) Gap wool sweater from Freestyle Clothing thrift, ($15, was new with tags still on) mint green trench coat from a thrift store in Woodland, ($10) and Express skinny jeans from Freestyle Clothing thrift. ($10)

My other purchases: Navy blue wool beret, ($2) 50’s silk print dress, ($2.50) Lucille Ball vintage poster, ($6) and a cream wool hand beaded sweater. ($2.50)

Oz the great and powerful styled wedding shoot

I had the privilege of participating in an Oz themed wedding shoot recently with the oh so talented Beth Baugher of TrueLove Photo. Beth had asked me to be a model and play/pretend to be Glenda the Good Witch. Beth and her team did such an amazing job with the set and props. I tell ya, I’m not used to having a professional photographer take my photo! (my mom takes my pics and I edit all of them myself) So to work with a professional for the day was quite the experience and treat. (mom, you are still amazing too Dawg – yes, I call my mom Dawg from time to time – she loves it lol)

So even though I have no prospects of marriage on the horizon, :(  it was fun to pretend to be a bride for the day :) The wedding dresses were beautiful and I got my hair and makeup done by professionals too! Shoot, it was pretty awesome. I felt so fancy! Hair was by Tina Romo and makeup by Jenifer Haupt. The pictures can also be found on rocknrollbride.com  where we got featured! Below are a few more of my favorites from the day:


Reminder: Sacramento Antique Fair is this Sunday

Good evening fellow readers! Just a quick reminder to let you know that this Sunday is my favorite event in Sacramento. What may that be? The Sacramento Antique Fair! Seriously, I look forward to it every month and could spend all day there and have! What’s so fun about it is that it spans 2 blocks and has every kind of Antique vendor you can think of. Hmmmm, I wonder what it is that Phoebe likes checking out when there? Vintage, vintage, and more vintage! You guys already knew that right? ;) Another thing that I like to collect though are old magazines and posters. Last time I got this really cool 1967 Seventeen Magazine poster cover with Twiggy on it. (see picture below) It is awesome and I’m going to frame it and hang it up soon. Some other fun things I like collecting from there that usually runs very cheaply is the costume jewelry. Quick tip: A lot of the vendors who sell the costume jewelry will have tables with piles on them marked at $1 for example. So you have to dig a little, but it makes it that much more fun I think. (picture below of one of the jewelry tables)

Hope you guys have fun and maybe I’ll see you out there. From what I’ve heard from my sources is to get there early for the best stuff. Here’s the link to their Facebook page, go ahead and ‘like’ them to keep up to date:



Just for fun – what I wore today:


A silky kind of day…

Vintage silk leopard blouse, ($10, Freestyle Clothing) Silk Christian Dior skirt, ($18, Freestyle Clothing) and Forever21 necklace (I love that place for accessorizing!)

When vintage tells a story…

This jacket has a touching story and it involves a really sweet, kind, and good hearted lady who reminded me a couple weeks ago that angels might actually walk this earth. Honestly, I was blown away by her kindness – she had the aura that could light up a room and it did the day I walked into her store.

Right before Christmas I went into a local shoe store here in Midtown Sacramento to get my Mommacita a pair of really nice slippers. I walked into the store and was immediately greeted by the sweetest lady. She offered me a bottle of water and helped me pick out a nice pair of sheep skin slippers for Mom. We got to talking and I told her a little about my life, blog, and love for vintage pieces. During our conversation, she told me about a fur coat she had purchased in 1974. She had bought all those years ago for a party she’d attended and had had it hanging in her closet for all these years. I had told her that my mom was picky and that I may be back to exchange for a different pair of slippers after Christmas. Well, mom loved them, but wanted a different pair of course, lol.

I went back into the store about a week after Christmas to exchange the slippers for another pair and when I had my back turned, the owner of the store came up to me with this exquisite coat and said, ‘I want you to have this.’ I’m not even kidding, I wanted to cry. I was so unbelievably touched by her generosity. I thanked her repeatedly and said I would cherish it and wear it proudly. She said to me something that I’ll never forget, which was, ‘I know you are thankful and by you wearing this, it makes other people happy too.’ What I gathered from her words is that it made her happy to see someone 39 years after she purchased the coat be so excited to wear it and bring it back to life again :)

When I buy vintage pieces I put them on and close my eyes and imagine who might of worn it and where it may have traveled to. In the case of this beautiful 70’s coat, I didn’t have to close my eyes and imagine the story, the story was told to me first hand. That right there brings warmth to my heart, tears to my eyes, and a big ol’ smile to my face.

If you ever need a really beautiful pair of comfy shoes or slippers please make sure to visit the wonderful people over at The Birkenstock Store on 25th and J street. It’s the kind of place that will not only make your feet happy, but your heart too.

My mom said I should channel my ‘inner hippie’ in the coat and so I did (or tried) by doing my hair curly (it’s naturally curly) and wearing my high waist bell bottom jeans. Mom topped it off by making me a necklace and earrings. She’s pretty awesome like that.

Outfit: Jeans are Joe Jeans from Freestyle Clothing thriftstore, ($30) & wooden platform shoes are Michael Kors also from Freestyle Clothing thriftstore. ($30) Both pricey, but lets be real – Joe Jeans are normally $200+ and the Michael Kors were probably 100+ new.


A little color, a little sparkle to brighten up a gloomy day…

I finally had an entire day off today and I had every intention of spending it indoors relaxing doing nothing, well, ok, besides blogging ;) At about 2 pm, a friend convinced me to join him for a cup of coffee and a tutorial in Light Room. I can proudly say that I now know how to use my Light Room software! Ok, only the basics, but very exciting. The 4 photos below are my first ones I’ve edited in Light Room, not too bad!

It was cold out today and I decided to bundle up, especially because I’ve been sick. I wore a lovely thrifted wool and cashmere sweater dress, colorful scarf, and vintage sparkly (love the gold thread) swing coat. Even though I told myself I wasn’t going to get all dolled up for my coffee date I was obviously lying, heck I even put lipstick on to match my sweater dress. I just can’t help myself! :-/



J.Jill wool and cashmere sweater dress, Deseret Industries, $6

Scarf, gift

Vintage swing coat, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $16