My finds from the Goodwill Day after Christmas 50% off sale

I LOVE Goodwill 50% off sales and try my best to never miss them. I recently frequented the day after Christmas sale and wasn’t very hopeful that I’d find anything because I got there late. What I always recommend is that people arrive when they open at 8 am to beat the rush and get the best stuff. I unfortunately had to work and didn’t make it in till 3 pm. You know how they say, ‘when you aren’t looking you’ll find the best stuff’ – oh wait, I think that’s for men too right? ;) Well, the day after X-Mas sale was one of those days for me because I found some amazing stuff! No men found when I wasn’t looking, but some great dresses instead. Hey, sometimes that’s better  I think.

Now, I’m fully aware that I have far too many dresses and don’t need anymore. And I tried my darnedest to find other things, (I swear!) but in the end I succumbed to my dresses. Look, they make me happy ok. I love that I’m trying to justify my dress obsession to all of you guys – you get it right??

I ended up leaving with 4 dresses and an Ann Taylor cardigan. (not pictured, I forgot to photograph it because I was so engrossed with the dresses – ok maybe I do have a wee bit of problem) All together I got 5 items for less than $25. Not too bad! The next 50% off sale is on Martin Luther King’s Birthday:


My lovely dress finds:



Outfits from top picture to bottom:

Banana Republic strapless silk print dress, $7

Laundry by Shelli Segal green and white print dress, $4.50 – accessorized with a gold belt from Freestyle ($10) and a gold necklace from Goodwill (purchased on another day for $5)

Vintage no label dress, $4.50

Mossimo jean shirt dress, $4.50 – scarf purchased in Paris 7 years ago for 2 Euro (my favorite scarf of all time! What wonderful memories that scarf holds for me)


14 thoughts on “My finds from the Goodwill Day after Christmas 50% off sale

    • No probs girl! Hope you get to make the MLK sale :) The sales can be hit or miss, but if you get there early before everyone else you’ll have better luck at finding some great things!

    • Thank you! I saw it and knew I needed it – and with a $4.50 price tag there was no question I was getting it. I love the drape, print, and how comfortable it is. Great thrifty finds on your blog! Great pictures too :)

    • Ritzz: Thank you, I almost didn’t get that dress too. The girl at the Goodwill counter was like ‘girl, you gotta get that!’ She was right, I love it. It’s kind of Springy, but with black tights and a little black leather I will have myself a perfect Winter outfit!

      • Ritzz, totally! I have an adorable leather jacket and black BCBG blazer I think will look great with it :) Love your new pic on Vintage Closet by the way ;)

      • Oh leather! that would look so good. Thank you so much doll, I read for vintage closet you have to be an american citizen right after I submitted it ): I hope that isn’t the same for the thrift store runway as well!

    • Thanks! I’m totally obsessed too. I guess there could be worse things to be obsessed with right?! Try and go to the sale on Martin Luther King’s B-Day. (they open at 8 am) I bet there will be some great finds! Thanks for reading my blog – From one dress fiend to another dress fiend :)

    • Hi Weezy! Thanks for checking out my blog. I always go to the Goodwill on L street in between 16th and 17th. It’s the Goodwill Boutique, which means the best of the best goes there. They are a little pricier than other Goodwill’s because of the better items, but that’s why we love 1/2 off days! Check that one out and get there early. They open at 8:30 am that morning :) Hope this helps!

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