I love days like these…

You know you really love what you do when you are excited to get up at 6 am on a Sunday! That was me this morning, with my cuppa tea all giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. But instead of unwrapping a bunch of presents, I got to style five beautiful girls suited up in my best business attire thrift store finds.

Today’s segment, ‘New Year, New Job,’ show cased some of my best thrifted business looks that I found from numerous thrift stores in Sacramento. I searched high and low to show the great people of Sacramento that during these tough economic times, you can still find an impressive go-getter interview ensemble for next to nothing. I loved Nedra’s (one of the models) Calvin Klein power suit. The Calvin Klein suit was $25, red Christian Dior blouse $6, Franco Sarto heels $6, and white necklace was $1 – that’s a grand total of $38 bucks! Everything she had on was from Deseret Industries, and let me tell you, they have some AMAZING work clothes there! Like crazy good! I would highly highly suggest checking them out for business attire. 3000 Auburn Blvd.

I have to say, I felt/feel very lucky to have been asked back for a third time on Good Day Sac and just thrilled that I got to promote thrifting and looking good on a budget again! After the show, I went to my actual job. But the long day was well worth it! When you start doing the things you love, long days just don’t seem so bad…

If you are curious of where I found all these beautiful clothes shown on today’s segment, here’s the list of thrift stores I went to:

Deseret Industries (3000 Auburn Blvd)

Goodwill (1621 L street)

Freestyle Clothing Exchange (2101 L street)

The Firefly thrift store (1910 P street)

Sacramento Antique Faire (bought suit from lady who owns YSJ Vintage) YSJ Vintage: (924 12th street) *** Sac Antique Faire is the 2nd Sunday of the month and has some amazing vintage finds. Get there early though to get the best stuff. (21st and X street underneath the freeway, $3 to get in)

ImageI told you I was giddy this morning.

ImageImageImageImageImage My thrifted look I wore to work after the Good Day segment. Banana Republic sweater, (Goodwill, $5) Leopard blouse, (gifted) necklace, (co-worker made it for me) leather leggings, (Thriftown, $1.33 – crazy huh?!) Ninewest boots, (Freestyle, $28 practically new)


5 thoughts on “I love days like these…

  1. Hi, just wanted to say that I saw you on Good Day Sacramento and loved your segment! I found your blog after and went to Freestyle yesterday (how have I never ever heard of this awesome store before!?!?). I buy almost all of my clothing thrifted and make the other half of my clothing (thank you, sewing skills!). Anyway, at Freestyle, I scored 3 pairs of colored skinny jeans for $30 total! Thanks so much for sharing your thrift secrets with everyone! Feel free to visit my blog where I share refashions and sewing tutorials I’ve made :)

    • OMG! That makes me so happy! Glad you were able to find some great things at Freestyle. I really love that store and some of my favorite items in my closet are from there. Thanks for watching the segment and I’ll have to check out your blog too! My mom used to be a professional seamstress and dress making is a real skill/talent. That’s awesome that you sew! A few of my looks on my blog my mom made for me, check em out :)

    • Thanks so much for watching the segment! It was a lot of fun and I was thrilled to show people that you don’t have to break the bank when buying new business attire. Fashion and thrifting are two of my biggest loves, glad you can appreciate :) Thank you soooo much for following!

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