A little color, a little sparkle to brighten up a gloomy day…

I finally had an entire day off today and I had every intention of spending it indoors relaxing doing nothing, well, ok, besides blogging ;) At about 2 pm, a friend convinced me to join him for a cup of coffee and a tutorial in Light Room. I can proudly say that I now know how to use my Light Room software! Ok, only the basics, but very exciting. The 4 photos below are my first ones I’ve edited in Light Room, not too bad!

It was cold out today and I decided to bundle up, especially because I’ve been sick. I wore a lovely thrifted wool and cashmere sweater dress, colorful scarf, and vintage sparkly (love the gold thread) swing coat. Even though I told myself I wasn’t going to get all dolled up for my coffee date I was obviously lying, heck I even put lipstick on to match my sweater dress. I just can’t help myself! :-/



J.Jill wool and cashmere sweater dress, Deseret Industries, $6

Scarf, gift

Vintage swing coat, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $16


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