Reminder: Sacramento Antique Fair is this Sunday

Good evening fellow readers! Just a quick reminder to let you know that this Sunday is my favorite event in Sacramento. What may that be? The Sacramento Antique Fair! Seriously, I look forward to it every month and could spend all day there and have! What’s so fun about it is that it spans 2 blocks and has every kind of Antique vendor you can think of. Hmmmm, I wonder what it is that Phoebe likes checking out when there? Vintage, vintage, and more vintage! You guys already knew that right? ;) Another thing that I like to collect though are old magazines and posters. Last time I got this really cool 1967 Seventeen Magazine poster cover with Twiggy on it. (see picture below) It is awesome and I’m going to frame it and hang it up soon. Some other fun things I like collecting from there that usually runs very cheaply is the costume jewelry. Quick tip: A lot of the vendors who sell the costume jewelry will have tables with piles on them marked at $1 for example. So you have to dig a little, but it makes it that much more fun I think. (picture below of one of the jewelry tables)

Hope you guys have fun and maybe I’ll see you out there. From what I’ve heard from my sources is to get there early for the best stuff. Here’s the link to their Facebook page, go ahead and ‘like’ them to keep up to date:


Just for fun – what I wore today:


A silky kind of day…

Vintage silk leopard blouse, ($10, Freestyle Clothing) Silk Christian Dior skirt, ($18, Freestyle Clothing) and Forever21 necklace (I love that place for accessorizing!)


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