Oz the great and powerful styled wedding shoot

I had the privilege of participating in an Oz themed wedding shoot recently with the oh so talented Beth Baugher of TrueLove Photo. Beth had asked me to be a model and play/pretend to be Glenda the Good Witch. Beth and her team did such an amazing job with the set and props. I tell ya, I’m not used to having a professional photographer take my photo! (my mom takes my pics and I edit all of them myself) So to work with a professional for the day was quite the experience and treat. (mom, you are still amazing too Dawg – yes, I call my mom Dawg from time to time – she loves it lol)

So even though I have no prospects of marriage on the horizon, :(  it was fun to pretend to be a bride for the day :) The wedding dresses were beautiful and I got my hair and makeup done by professionals too! Shoot, it was pretty awesome. I felt so fancy! Hair was by Tina Romo and makeup by Jenifer Haupt. The pictures can also be found on rocknrollbride.com  where we got featured! Below are a few more of my favorites from the day:



2 thoughts on “Oz the great and powerful styled wedding shoot

  1. You look lovely! I ADORE The group shots. I hope you don’t mind. I want to share them on my tumblr (www.ritzzbitzz.tumblr.com) sourcing you of course. I hope you enjoyed the new experience

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