Recent Sacramento Antique Faire finds

The morning of the Sacramento Antique Faire this past Sunday was one of the coldest I’ve experienced yet, but it wasn’t cold enough to keep me away from my favorite event in Sac! I woke up bright and early that morning, bundled up with my hat, coat, and gloves and peddled my frozen self over to 21st and X Street. I’m not evening kidding, there was still ice out when I biked over. I thought to myself, ‘this trip better be worth it!’ Well, as you can tell by my photos below, it was.

A couple things I learned from this last trip that might be helpful to you all. I decided to change things up a little and check out other vendors I hadn’t visited before. What I found/learned is that some of these vendors with boxes and boxes of clothes have some pretty rad pieces mixed into the bunch. I got this amazing wool vintage hand beaded cardigan and silk 50’s dress with an incredible print for $5 bucks! So next time you are at the Antique Faire don’t forget to scope out some of the boxes of clothes cause you never know what you might find. I also checked out some of the smaller vendors that had other things than clothes. One in particular had amazing hats and vintage sunglasses. She drove a hard bargain at $2 per beret and $3 for 70’s sunglasses :) What I learned about this trip is to think outside the norm and mix things up sometimes with new vendors. I had a blast and left with some amazing finds!

What do you guys think of my finds? Like how I paired the cream beret and sunglasses with my already owned green trench, scarf and sweater? Or how about the 50’s print (with the ladies on it) dress with the navy beret? Let me know! :) Would love to hear your feed back…



Cream wool beret from the Antique Faire this past weekend, ($2) 70’s sunglasses also from the Antique Faire, ($3) Oscar de la Renta leopard scarf from Freestyle Clothing thrift, ($8) Gap wool sweater from Freestyle Clothing thrift, ($15, was new with tags still on) mint green trench coat from a thrift store in Woodland, ($10) and Express skinny jeans from Freestyle Clothing thrift. ($10)

My other purchases: Navy blue wool beret, ($2) 50’s silk print dress, ($2.50) Lucille Ball vintage poster, ($6) and a cream wool hand beaded sweater. ($2.50)


3 thoughts on “Recent Sacramento Antique Faire finds

    • Hi Kristi, thanks for liking the post! Yes, lets definitely do coffee and explore. That would be fun. Maybe next Wednesday?

  1. I am in love with that printed dress, and the green trench looks fab on you Pheobe. You’re so pretty!
    I wish we had such fairs in my city. What a great experience

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