Winter accessorizing – just because I have to bike doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my fashion!

It’s no secret that I  don’t like the Winter weather. Biking around in near freezing temps or rain has it’s challeneges, but if anything it has kept me very humble :)

As painful as I might find the weather, I do love a beautiful coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. In this post are two examples of recent Winter looks. My key items for looking fashionable and staying warm during Winter are a pair of gloves and a scarf. I would freeze with out them!



#1Tan Gap wool cape coat, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $25 (kind of expensive, but worth it for a coat – I really love it) Sunglasses, Sac Antique Faire, $3, Leopard H&M scarf, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $7, Broach, Sac antique Faire, $10, Black leather gloves from a thrift store in Woodland, $2, Express skinny jeans, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $10 & Stuart Weitzman black leather boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $16 (they were 1/2 off from $32!)

#2: Scarf, Sac Antique Faire, $5, Bebe jacket, Goodwill, $5, Leather leggings (these aren’t real leather, but still awesome and made in Paris) from Thriftown, $1.33, Bracelet was my Grandmothers, and Stuart Weitzman boots, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $16.

Tips: You don’t have to be boring this Winter. Accessorize your Winter wear with a cute scarf or maybe throw on a classic broach to your favorite coat for a little something extra. And lets not forget gloves and hats – cute and functional. Oh, I love boots – but that’s a whole other article!



2 thoughts on “Winter accessorizing – just because I have to bike doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my fashion!

  1. Thanks girl! I love that it has a hood too :) I’ve noticed your postings on Thrift Store Runway, so AWESOME that you are posting!

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