“I’ll take dresses with a side of dessert please”

Do you ever have those moments in life where it’s non stop crazy busy; be it in your job or personal life? Oh my gosh, that was me this past weekend! There was one point at work Saturday morning that I almost cried and I NEVER cry at work.

Isn’t that just life though? Where you stroll along with the greatest of ease and all of a sudden BAM! things get busy, crazy, and a tad bit tough. Life wouldn’t be fun any other way right? Well, work needless to say was very busy and a little cra cra this past weekend. (well, past two weeks really!)

As I took my break Saturday at work the sweet sweet waitress (Jessica, bless her heart) from the Cafe bought me a beautiful pink cupcake to cheer me up. That cupcake was exactly what I needed! The little treat got me to thinking about the two things in life that bring me immense joy in times of stress, depression, and blatant craziness.  Might sound silly, but it’s dresses and desserts. I’m simple like that. Phoebe depressed and not wanting to be = Phoebe putting on a dress, going out, and eating dessert. That’s exactly what I did Saturday night after my rough day. I got dolled up, went on a nice date, had an excellent dinner, and finished it with a lovely lovely dessert from The Press Bistro. Ummm, if you haven’t been there please go!

The picture below is an oldie, but I dragged it out of archives because it shows off both a dress and desserts :) The dress is Betsy Johnson ($20) and shoes are Ninewest. ($15) Both items are from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift store on 21st and L street.


Cupcakes I decorated myself to match the dress! The picture below this one is an array of all the desserts I consumed this past weekend. Ok, I also had Key Lime pie from Rick’s Dessert Diner, but forgot to take a picture :-/




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