Why the simple black dress is your number one must have

I think the simple black dress is so important that I have 8 of them! Ok, you don’t need 8 of them like I have, but at least one to two is key. If it’s any consolation, I work Special Events and our dress code is all black. See, I need 8 of them for work! ;)

Why I think the simple black dress is so important is because it’s like a blank canvas that can be painted any which way. It can be either dressed up or dressed down, which makes it very versatile. In the pictures below you’ll see myself and my dress form, who I refer to as Phoe-bot. (my name is Phoebe and Phoe-bot is my new side kick) Both black dresses shown in all the photos are sleeveless, knee length, and Banana Republic. Essentially, it’s the same dress, but dressed in 6 different ways to show how versatile it really can be! I chose sleeveless because in winter time a sleeveless dress means you can layer with blouses and sweaters underneath!

The business look:


The Casual Look:


The Winter Evening Look:


From top to bottom:

NOTE: Both black dresses are Banana Republic, Thriftown ($8) and Freestyle, ($15)

1st look:

On me: Polka Dot Ralph Lauren blouse, (Goodwill, $10) Stuart Weitzman Boots, (Freestyle, $16.50) Vintage black broach worn as bow tie, (Sac Antique Faire, .50)

On Phoe-Bot: Leopard silk blouse, (Freestyle, $10) Vintage red beads from my Mom

2nd look:

On me: Vintage beret, (Sac Antique Faire, $2) Gap tan coat, (Goodwill, $5) Scarf gift from my mom, Authentic Cowboy boots, (Freestyle, $12.50!)

On Phoe-Bot: Banana Republic beanie, (Freestyle, $10) Cashmere scarf was a gift, Ann Taylor jeans jacket, (Goodwill, $5) Necklace Forever21, ($4.99) and Italian leather boots, (Freestyle, $10)

3rd look:

On me: Red Gap peacoat, (Freestyle, $15) Necklace is Forever21, ($6.99) Ninewest heels (Freestyle, $15)

On Phoe-Bot: Bebe black satin coat, (Goodwill, $5) Necklace is Forever21, ($4.99) Vintage shoes, (SPCA thrift, $10) and black vintage clutch (Freestyle, $8)

A simple black dress can go a long way with a few accessories and a little creativity!


3 thoughts on “Why the simple black dress is your number one must have

  1. Thanks girls! Ritzz, you should check out your local thrift stores. I’ve seen dress forms a few times there for cheap. They come in handy and make for an excellent extra ;)

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