Totally random Monday

I just wrote this entire post and it disappeared :-/ Starting over… Hi! These past few weeks have been very busy for me at the Museum I work at. We have been exhibiting the work of Norman Rockwell and the show has been POPULAR! Yesterday marked the last day of the show and I’m finding myself a little bitter sweet. As I sit here on this fine Monday in my lovely spandex (hey, girl deserves a day off with her spandex pants, crazy hair, and no makeup – so not cute, but SO lovely right now) I think of all the thousands of people that graced the Crocker doors these last couple months. Though it has been insanely busy, it has been nice to see so many new faces enjoying art the same way I do. Art is a vital part of my life and my heart is warmed when people from all different walks of life get excited and inspired. But, yes, it is VERY nice to have a day off to enjoy blogging, my kitty cat, and sunshine.

My photos have been spotty the last few weeks so I decided best to throw in some randoms I’ve taken during this time or admired (the dress tree pic below is the coolest picture ever!)


Best picture EVER! Hi heaven


I love dressing the part and in honor of the last day of Rockwell I dressed in my 40’s cashmere sweater and 50’s pleated skirt.


Next 2 ensembles my mom is making for me!


My Momma made this about 20 years ago.



My clothing rack broke! The after math – suppose 100 dresses will do that :-/



5 thoughts on “Totally random Monday

  1. That first picture, the dressalabra…Was that an exhibit? Where is that beautiful piece of art?
    Its such a shame about your dressing rack. My mum recently bought me one to continue my collection and its slowly filling up!

    • Hey girl! Not sure about that picture with the dresses. My friend posted that on my FB, isn’t it fantastic?! If dresses really could grow on trees ;) Yes, clothing rack broke in the middle of the night and scared me! See, we get a new rack and all of a sudden it’s full! Oh, for the love of clothes. Girl, you should see some of the new vintage I just inherited from this very nice person I know. I almost fainted!

      • Its such a beautiful concept! I would own 1000s of those trees hehe. We need to build ourselves whole new closests to hold everything up. If only if only. I can;t wait to see, Make a post about it!

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