When a house finally becomes a home

This labor of love took my blood, sweat, and tears to complete, but oh so worth it in the end! I’ve been going through this whole ‘woman’s empowerment’ movement and said to myself, ‘dammit Phoebe, you don’t need a man to help you with this!’ The challenge of remodeling my apartment at one time seemed impossible, but I conquered it and had to give myself one gigantic pat on the back when I finished.

A local magazine recently said they wanted to do a feature article on me, my thrifted collection, and thrifting in general. Now let me tell you, that was definitely motivation to get my booty into gear to start painting and decorating! The hardest part of remodeling was painting the dining room. I have enormous ceilings at about 12 feet high and curved edges. I had paint in my hair, eyes, and a stiff neck, but I did it!

Now my entire thrifted collection has a home for all to admire, they deserve that! They are my pride and joy :) When the writer of the magazine came over yesterday I felt so proud to show off my apartment and collection. What a beautiful feeling when a house finally becomes a home!

The article on me should be out in May and I will definitely keep everyone posted!

Below are some before and after pics:


My new fashion studio full of all my favorite things! Oh my god, look how organized it is – I’m so frickin’ proud of myself :)



I also revamped my living room:



5 thoughts on “When a house finally becomes a home

  1. hi phoebe…love it all! what i DO miss is the colors you chose to paint with and why, your selections….it’s what you do with your dresses & jewels, so i miss it! [price?…not necessary but interesting!]

    • Thank you guys! It was definitely a labor of love :) I painted the walls a fresh coat of white because I wanted the clothes, hats, shoes, etc to stand out and be the main spectacle! I still want to get a nice rug for the room, but I’m pretty happy over all. And like I said before, ‘who needs a man!” lol – but seriously, it was so empowering to know that I was capable of doing this! Have a great day girls and thank you for reading :)

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