Sacramento Fashion Week Launch Party 2/24/13

Yesterday evening marked the beginning of Sacramento Fashion Week. The Launch Party started in grand style at the Mix night club in the heart of Downtown, Sacramento.

Sooooo, I’m not much of a night club kind of girl nowadays, but I did my best to dress to impress for the occasion. As most of you might know, I fancy myself a beautiful tweed Chanel inspired suit over a ‘club’ dress any day. But, alas, I ventured over to my little ol’ closet (ok, it’s not little – it’s my entire dining room!) and perused through my dresses. And what did you know?! I had myself a cute club dress! Shhh, you can take the party out of the girl, but you can’t take the party dress out of her closet!

So, I put on my sparkly tight racer back dress, leather motorcycle jacket, necklace, and 4 inch heels and cabbed myself down to Mix. My job that evening was to mingle and document the event. I met some really great people and got a little insight into some of the happenings of the week to come. I also finally got to meet my favorite online fashionista, Bridgett! I love her, she’s just as adorable in person as she is in her pictures!

As I mingled myself around, I ran into my friend Ryan Ferguson. Ry is a model and is modeling for Sac Fashion Week! He was with one of the designers he’s modeling for, Jason Powers of Rampant Fashion. me  I got to sit down with the designer and ask: “Soooo, what was the inspiration for your collection?” Ummm, that was kind of cool.

Jason’s inspiration started from a red dress that he had to wear for a charity show. (he made it) From there he was inspired by a photo he found, which was very tribal and desert like. The picture for some reason kind of reminded me of some of the desert scene paintings that Georgia O’Keefe did. The desert like photo had very tribal and African connotations to it. Through the evolution of his collection, Jason found himself wanting to somehow “urbanize” the look and stumbled upon another picture that inspired him.  The photo was a dark and futuristic city scape, which brought in the end, the whole collection into sync.   He’s taking the lighter palette of the desert picture (tans, grays) and melding those into the futuristic city picture. (blacks) He’s calling the collection “Urban Tribe” and I can’t wait to see what he has to show us on Friday night for his Spring/Summer collection at the Elks Tower Ballroom! It’s a sold out event and sure to please :)

Overall, I had a blast mingling at the Launch event. I’m not into making New Year’s resolutions, but one of them was to go out and socialize more! Hey, I felt I accomplished that last night ;)

For a list of all the events this week check out

Here are a few pictures documenting the night!:

On the way to the Launch event:


Oh heeeey, look at my fancy club outfit:


My new cute friend, Mario, from Sac Press:


Yay! I finally got to meet Bridgett! Girl, thanks for inviting me :)


The owner of French Cuff Consignment, Corey!


My friend Ry, the model. He’s a handsome little buger huh?


Jason Powers of Rampant:


And I LOVED this guys outfit and loved it even more because it was thrifted! I can spot a thrifter a mile away ;)


What I wore:

Limited dress, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $10

Leather jacket, Freestyle thrift, $18

Necklace, Goodwill, $5

Ninewest heels, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $15

Vintage clutch, Deseret Industries, $3

You know I had to be representin’ my thrifted fashions!!!


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